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Stay Up to Date with Water Pump Auto Maintenance in San Diego

Many San Diego drivers are unaware of just how important the cooling system is. Its role is to circulate coolant from the radiator to the engine in order to prevent overheating, and the system is made up of five primary components:

  • the radiator
  • the radiator cap
  • the hoses
  • the thermostat and
  • the water pump

Think of the water pump as the center of the cooling system, helping the fluid circulate. It is a small pump powered by the engine, typically a belt but sometimes a chain or gear. 

The water pump is only in action while the engine is running, and it is common for it to fail. Generally, water pump failure occurs near the 40,000-mile marker, but most will need to be changed at around 100,000 miles. Your vehicle manufacturer manual or an auto mechanic in San Diego can let you know when to change your water pump.

You need to change a water pump when it fails, which happens in two main ways: 

  • The bearings fail
  • The pump starts to leak

A cracked water pump may leak, but this usually occurs at the gasket connected to the engine. 

How Do You Know When the Water Pump Is Failing? 

Stay Up to Date with Water Pump Auto Maintenance in San DiegoA low-pitched grinding noise is a sign of a problem with the water pump, and if you see coolant, you likely have a leak. 

Certain water pumps are powered by the timing belt. These are often encased in plastic cover. You should look for coolant under the vehicle, and if you see any, you should take your car to a local auto repair shop in San Diego.

Timing belts should be changed about every 60,000 miles, and it is usually recommended to change the water pump at the same time. When you change the timing belt, nearly 90% of the work is already done, and if you fail to change the pump, it will probably start to leak, meaning you will have to change both the pump and belt due to contamination. 

When changing a water pump in San Diego you can choose a brand new or rebuilt pump. While you can save a few bucks with a refurbished one, you should ask your auto technician what they think. Water pumps go out all the time, so don’t be too worried when it happens to you. A quick stop at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego can get you back on the road in no time. 

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