Automobile Issues Caused by the Catalytic Converter

Spark Plugs Are Key to Overall Engine Performance

Let’s take a closer look at one component of your car that you may hear about a lot but may not know too much about. 

Your spark plugs are small wonders that help start the chain reactions allowing your engine to produce power efficiently and smoothly. This means that they are a crucial component to make sure are maintained properly. Let’s learn more about some essential San Diego spark plug maintenance tips.

What Do Spark Plugs Do?

Spark Plugs Are Key to Overall Engine PerformanceSpark plugs ignite the fuel and air mixture of your vehicle through an electric spark, and this process allows the fuel to combust and power your engine. Without spark plugs, the engine is unable to convert the fuel into usable mechanical power and get your car moving. 

Generally, spark plugs fire at a rate of nearly 25 times per second while on the road. If any sparks are missed, you will usually feel it as a glitch or stumble in the engine’s output. Misfires are often attributed to worn spark plugs. Conventional spark plugs should be replaced immediately when required, and every 30,000 miles is a good recommendation. However, this can vary depending on the model of your vehicle, the types of spark plugs used, and how often you drive. 

What to Do If Your Spark Plugs Are Not Working Properly

The following symptoms may be signs that your spark plugs are not running as they should and should be replaced:

  • Loss of engine power
  • “Rough” engine performance
  • Misfiring or sputtering engine
  • Lower engine efficiency

It is critical that you replace spark plugs as soon as possible if they become old or worn because failure to do can result in damage to other components of the engine, such as the catalytic converter. 

In certain cases, it can be possible to determine if there are other engine issues due to the appearance of a bad spark plug. For example, if a spark plug seems to be wet, it could be a sign of engine flooding, or if a spark plug is black and oily, it could be a sign that there is an issue with the oil consumption, such as a leaky gasket. 

However, visual inspection of spark plugs is not always enough to provide an accurate assessment of your vehicle’s condition. It is best to bring your car into a quality auto repair shop in San Diego to have it undergo a multi-point inspection to ensure peak vehicle performance. 

Auto Maintenance San Diego

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