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Signs Your Vehicle Needs to Be Serviced

Your vehicle needs to be serviced regularly. It is advised that owners follow the guidelines laid out by the vehicle manufacturer, usually servicing their car after a certain time period or mileage. 

However, if you want to know the real urgent signs that your vehicle is in serious need of a trip to the auto repair shop, you do not have to look further than the five symptoms we have outlined here. 

Check Engine Light 

Most cars these days are equipped with technology that does a great job of telling you when your vehicle needs to be checked out. 

If there is a yellow “check engine” light that appears on your dash, you should get your vehicle to your chosen vehicle repair shop for service as soon as you can. There could be a range of potential engine problems that this light could be indicating, so it is advised that you go in and see what exactly is the matter. 

These days, there are many vehicles that also have a service light that will come on when your next service is due. 

While this may just be a little light, usually in the shape of a banner, it should not be a cause for concern. However, you should not ignore it for too long, or you may risk the small issue developing into a serious problem. 

Weird Noises

If you notice any new noises coming from your vehicle, you should have it checked out before they develop in more serious concerns. 

Here are some typical sounds that you may hear under the hood and what they could mean:

  • Whining from under the hood. In most cases, this is the result of a loose belt, which can then cause a variety of issues, from overheating to battery problems. 
  • Louder-than-usual exhaust noise. This could be just a hole or crack in your exhaust. These are usually a fairly easy fix, but you should have it checked because there is a potential risk that your exhaust pipe could fall off entirely. 
  • Uneven engine noise. You will typically hear this noise when the vehicle is idling. It could possibly mean that the engine is misfiring and needs repair immediately. This could potentially be a simple fix, like replacing some spark plugs, but it could also indicate a more serious issue with your engine and how it handles its air and fuel mixture. 
  • Metal-on-metal. Any scraping sounds that are coming from your vehicle should be checked out as soon as possible. This could be the result of a broken component of your car that is scraping against something, resulting in extra damage to both parts.
  • Squealing when you step on the brake. This could be a sign that you have worn brake pads. 
  • Crunching gears. Because the gearbox is vulnerable to a lot of wear and tear, fluids and components require replacing from time to time. If you hear a crunching noise while you are changing gears, it is likely time for you to have your car service at a nearby auto repair shop in San Diego. 

Smoke or Stream Coming Through the Hood

Signs Your Vehicle Needs to Be ServicedThis issue is often the result of overheating and other issues with the radiator, and the steam you see will probably be white in color. 

While you should probably have your vehicle checked out as soon as possible, you are not in any immediate danger if you do not see steam coming from under the hood. 

You should take a look at the temperature gauge on your vehicle. If it is at the maximum temperature, you should pull over and wait for your vehicle to cool before continuing down the road. When your vehicle is still running, the needle should sit in the middle of the gauge when functioning optimally. 

If you start to notice blue smoke coming from your vehicle, stop where it is safe to do so, and have someone tow your car to the nearest auto repair shop. 

Blue smoke is the result of burning oil and be quite an expensive issue to repair if it is neglected. 

This could be the result of a variety of issues, such as:

  • Piston wear
  • Worn valve seals
  • Worn piston rings
  • Intake manifold gas leak
  • Worn engine oil seals
  • Head gasket failure

Vibrating or Pulling While Braking

This problem could be caused by worn brake discs or pads, a suspension issue, or even a problem with your vehicle’s steering. 

It is not safe to drive under these conditions, so you need to have your vehicle serviced as soon as you can. 

These signs could also be a potential warning of tire wear, so be sure to check that your tires have at least the minimum required tire read and that they are not wearing unevenly. 

Reduced Comfort While Driving

If you find that speed bumps are becoming a significant issue, your vehicle is riding lower, or you can hear your tire scraping on the wheel arch of your vehicle, it is likely time to have the issue checked out.

Any of these possible issues could be a sign that you have a serious suspension problem. 

These are just a few of the potential signs that your vehicle is in serious need of service. However, in order to make sure your car is running in optimal shape, you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and have it serviced regularly. 

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