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Signs You are Overdue for an Oil Change

Most car owners are aware of when routine maintenance tasks, such as tire rotation and brake inspection, should be performed. However, when it comes to fluids, many people wonder when they should get an oil change. While many manufacturers recommend specific intervals, factors such as the environment and the type of traffic you usually encounter can cause your oil to need to be changed much sooner. Knowing when your car needs an oil change is an important part of car ownership.

Weird Noises or Smells

Many of the warning signs can cause driving hazards, so knowing when to get an oil change is crucial. When oil is old and needs to be replaced, it burns differently than when it was new. As a result, your vehicle’s interior may begin to smell like oil. This may be nauseating to people with allergies or scent sensitivities.

Waiting too long to get your oil changed can cause your engine to make loud noises as it struggles to keep running without fresh oil to keep these parts lubricated. As the engine struggles to work, drivers and others on the road may hear knocking, rattling, and clunking noises.

Exhaust Smoke and Oil Color

Signs You Are Overdue for an Oil ChangeMost exhaust pipes emit translucent smoke during the winter months. Because of the way hot car exhaust reacts with cold air, this can occur. Your exhaust should be clear the rest of the time. If you notice a lot of smoke coming from this area of your vehicle, it means your oil needs to be changed.

The color of your oil is another indicator that you should replace it soon. If it’s dark, gritty, and filthy, it is most likely old oil that needs to be replaced. Using the oil dipstick, you can check this for yourself. Check your owner’s manual or ask a qualified auto mechanic today if you have any questions. 

How Long Has It Been Since Your Last Oil Change?

If you cannot recall the last time you had your oil changed, it is probably time to take your car in for service. Oil should be changed every six months or so, according to car experts, and even sooner if you drive in hot weather or in stop-and-go traffic. You may be overdue for a visit to a local auto repair shop. Talk to an auto mechanic near you to see if you need an oil change today. 

Oil Changes in San Diego

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