Reasons Why Your Car Is Stuttering When Accelerating

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Alternator

Difficulty Starting

If your vehicle is having issues getting started, just turning and turning before it starts up, it is likely that your alternator is starting to wear out. In these cases, the likely cause is that a few of your brushes are unable to reach the coil at all points where it is meant to or the voltage regulator is starting to malfunction. 

Dimmed Accessory Lights

If you start up your car and notice that the dash lights, dome lights, headlights, or radio are dimmer than normal, that could be a sign that your alternator is not able to handle its job as it once could. Similarly, your accessories may also dim when you press down on the accelerator or even dim and brighten several times, like a slow blink. 

Dead Car Batteries

Signs That You Need to Replace Your San Diego AlternatorIf your battery is always dying or your vehicle is not starting every time you try to turn it on, it is advised to check your alternator, especially if you have already had your battery tested and it passed with no issues. This occurs when the alternator is unable to recharge the battery as it should, and it is crucial to catch this problem early. If your battery is drained and needs to be jumped more than three or four times each week, it could end up ruining your battery. Then, you will have to bring in your car to the best car service station in San Diego to replace both your battery and your alternator, and maybe even your starter as well. 

The Smell of Burnt Rubber

This is a common sign, but less common than the others discussed so far. For any reason, if your alternator belt is not able to freely rotate on the pulleys, it can create friction and result in the belt heating up. When this happens, you will start to smell burnt rubber once it gets hot enough, and that is a sign to visit our auto repair shop in San Diego as soon as possible to prevent any further damage.

Grinding or Whining Sounds

If you beginning to notice grinding or whining sounds coming from your alternator, that is another symptom of an alternator issue. Grinding is usually caused by a broken, dirty, or worn-out bearing. If you are hearing a whining, it is probably caused by the voltage regulator telling the alternator to charge more than it should. At the same time, it could be that the battery is not sending enough electricity to the alternator, so if you are hearing a whining noise, it is advised to double-check the battery and visit one of our car repair shops in San Diego to check your alternator

Alternator Repair San Diego

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