Engine Repair Services in San Diego

Diagnosing Engine Noises

Hearing unusual noises coming from your engine can be alarming. Even the strongest motor can have problems that result in strange sounds coming from beneath the hood. Having an experienced automotive specialist diagnose the issues with your engine can help you avoid costly engine repair services in San Diego later on. 

The type of noise that your engine makes can determine what type of problems you may be experiencing. This quick guide can help you diagnose common engine noises.

Piston Ringing Noises

This noise is a clicking sound that occurs during acceleration. In many instances, this ring noise is caused by broken rings, worn-out cylinder walls, or even low ring tension. You can troubleshoot the issue by removing the spark plugs and adding new engine oil to each cylinder. You will then want to crank the engine a few times and changing the spark plugs can help to diagnose the source of the problem.

Piston Slapping Sounds

This noise can sound like a continuous muffled and hollow sound. It is often caused by having an excessive amount of piston-to-wall clearance, inadequate oil, or even worn cylinders. If the slapping noise continues, it can indicate that the engine needs to be serviced right away. If you only hear the noise when the engine is cold, it may not be as urgent of an issue. However, you will still want to have the problem diagnosed. 

Knocking Sound in the Crankshaft

This noise can sound like a heavy, dull, metallic-like knock under the hood. The main cause of a crankshaft knocking can be worn bearings. It could also be caused by issues with the main, the rod, or the thrust. If you check your oil and there are metal shavings on the dipstick, it can indicate a problem that needs engine repair services in San Diego right away.

Valve Train Noise

This type of noise will sound like a regular clicking noise at half-speed. A valve train noise can indicate a defective valve lifter or an excessive valve clearance.

Detonation Sounds

This high-pitched metallic pinging sound can indicate that there is a lean air/fuel ratio, improper timing, or evening improper octane. Reducing the manifold pressure, obstructing the ignition timing, or evening increasing the octane level in your fuel can help address these issues.

Connecting Rod Noises

This noise resembles a pounding sound or a light knocking, depending on the severity of the issue. This sound is often a result of a worn-out bearing or crankpin, inadequate oil, or even misaligned rods. Performing a cylinder-balance test can determine if there is a faulty connecting rod that needs to be replaced.

Piston Pin Noises

These noises sound like a double knock as the vehicle is idling. It will have a metallic sound as well. This noise could be caused by a worn or a loose piston pin, inadequate oil, or worn bushings.

If your car noises are something to worry about, you should seek a skilled auto tech to perform engine repair services in San Diego for you as soon as possible. The last thing you need is a major problem with your engine. Contact Automobile Repair Shop San Diego for trusted and affordable car repair services.