Collision Repair Services in Kearny Mesa

Concierge Services for Collision Repairs

Dealing with a collision repair in Kearny Mesa can be incredibly stressful. Having your vehicle damaged as a result of a motor vehicle accident is not a goal for anyone. However, the process of having your vehicle repaired does not have to be a disaster. As you may know, many repair shops offer concierge services for collision repairs. These services make the process go as smoothly as possible so you are better able to handle these difficult times. 

It is important that you understand what concierge services have to offer when it comes to your collision repair in Kearny Mesa. 

Emergency Towing

A basic and very common part of the concierge services offered by auto repair shops is the towing of your vehicle. In many instances, the vehicle can be towed straight from the scene of the accident to the repair shop. This helps to streamline the repair process and make it less stressful for you. Not only is this process more convenient, but it helps to get your vehicle on the schedule to be repaired much quicker as well. 

In many instances, auto repair shops offer towing services from the scene of the accident to an auto collision shop at no charge to you. This eliminates the need of having to come up with the money it costs to tow your vehicle to a garage and spending time on finding a towing company that can take your vehicle into the shop for you.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

After being involved in a motor vehicle accident, you will not have a vehicle to transport you from the scene. For this reason, many auto shops offer pick-up and drop-off services so you can get home safely while your vehicle is towed to the shop. This service is extremely convenient because you do not have to wait for a friend or family member to come to the scene of the accident to pick you up.

Car Rental

While your vehicle is being repaired, your auto shop may provide you with a rental car to use while you wait. This can save you a lot of time and money while being a reliable alternative to having to spend hundreds of dollars on a rental car. If you opt for this method of transportation while waiting, the repair shop can handle the insurance company in order to obtain reimbursement for the rental fees.

Vehicle Cleaning and Detailing

After your collision repair, the repair shop may offer a full cleaning and detail service on your vehicle. This will ensure your vehicle looks good both inside and outside when it is returned to you. Receiving a vehicle that looks brand new can help alleviate some of the mental and emotional stress associated with being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

If you are searching for quality collision repair in Kearny Mesa, it is important that you ask the shop what type of concierge services they have to offer. These services can help make the repair process more affordable and much less stressful. Contact Automobile Repair Shop San Diego for trusted and affordable car repair services.