Affordable and Reliable Auto Repair Services

With all the miles residents of Pacific Beach and Mission Bay rack up traveling in their vehicles, car problems are not uncommon. As a vehicle travels more miles, parts begin to break down. Over time, multiple faulty or damaged parts can create major problems and in some cases, a complete vehicle break down.

Seeking car repairs if often costly, which is why many people avoid them. However, at San Diego Automobile Repair Shop, we offer residents of Pacific Beach and Mission Bay affordable prices for a variety of car repair needs. Our visual inspections are free and once we identify the problems and repairs needed, we give our customers a free written cost estimate for each repair.

When you visit our repair shop, your vehicle will be treated by Automotive Service Excellence certified mechanics who are dedicated to high-quality work using advanced equipment. We believe it is important to be transparent and work with our customers, so we are willing to answer any questions you may have before we make the repairs. If you want to schedule a free car inspection, all you have to do is call us at (619) 330-0860 or (619) 330-0862.

San Diego Auto Body Repair Services

Whenever problems with your vehicle are on the exterior rather than the interior parts, we have the equipment and tools necessary to remove dents, fix or replace windows or mirrors, and restore damaged paintwork to its original quality. Our ASE certified technicians in Pacific Beach and Mission Bay offer the following auto body repair services:

  • Fender and Bumper Repair: Whether your fender is twisted or dented, we can use our specialized equipment to restore the original shape.
  • Dent Removals: Our team can repair minor or major dents in your vehicle’s body. We can do this in a fast and cost-effective way. Depending on the size of the dent, we may need to apply a new paint job.
  • Paintless Dent Removal Services: There are some dents that can be removed without the need for a new paint job. At our repair shop, we use advanced equipment to eradicate auto body dents without damaging the paintwork.
  • Window and Mirror Repairs: Broken windows and mirrors can be a minor or major inconvenience depending on which windows and mirrors are broken. In either case, we provide affordable glass and mirror replacement services.
  • Windshield Repair Services: Damaged windshields can significantly block your field of vision while driving. Over time, minor cracks can spread and lead to further damage. We can repair or replace your windshield as needed.
  • Auto Painting Services: If you need to paint over damaged areas of your vehicle’s body or you are looking for a new look for your car, we can do both. Our multi-step auto painting process guarantees an exceptional and seamless finish.
  • Auto Paint Repairs: If your car suffered scrapes or scratches to the paintwork, our team is trained on how to effectively cover up these damages with new paint. With our computerized color matching software, we can ensure the final paint job will look smooth and seamless.
  • Aluminum Repairs: Our ASE certified team uses specialized machinery to restore any broken aluminum sections of your vehicle.

Auto Repair Services We Offer in Pacific Beach and Mission Bay

Not only do we offer engine repair services, but we also provide several other types of services for your vehicle’s suspension, steering, air conditioner, and other functions. The auto repair services we offer include:

  • Brake Repairs: Do not hesitate to come to our repair shop if you are encountering any strange issues with your brakes. Our team of experienced technicians can quickly identify the problem and make the repairs needed to restore your brake system.
  • Smog Testing: In an effort to help reduce air pollution in California, we also provide smog tests.
  • Transmission Services: Maintaining a healthy transmission system can mean the difference between saving and losing money. You should visit a repair shop when you notice delayed or rough shifting between gears. We can fix your transmission system before the system goes out.
  • Engine Diagnosis: When your check engine light goes on and you are wondering what is going on, we can use our specialized equipment to locate the problem.
  • Engine Repair Services: Once we find the problems with your vehicle’s engine, we can then proceed to list out any repairs or replacements needed. Before we make the repairs, we can offer you free cost estimates.
  • A/C and Heating Repairs: Air conditioning that goes out in the summer can be almost just as bad as heating systems that go out during the winter. In either case, our technicians can figure out the cause and fix the problem.
  • Steering and Suspension Repairs: If your steering wheel is hard to turn or your car bumps too high on minor changes in the road, you might have a steering or suspension problem. Our mechanics are prepared for either situation and can repair damaged axles, CV joints, and ball joints.
  • Auto Maintenance: Yearly vehicle inspections are an easy way to avoid unexpected vehicle problems later on. We offer free visual inspections.

Why Residents of Pacific Beach and Mission Bay Should Work with San Diego Automobile Repair Shop

Residents of Pacific Beach or Mission Bay who work with San Diego Automobile Repair Shop will be treated to free visual car inspections, cost estimates, and towing services. Our ASE certified team is a hard-working crew that is dedicated to working with customers each step of the way by explaining our process and why certain repairs need to be made.

We are always ready to answer questions you have about your vehicle or our repair services. To schedule an appointment, you can contact us at (619) 330-0860 or (619) 330-0862 today.