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Auto Repair Services

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Reliable and Affordable Complete Car Repair Services in the Heart of San Diego

There are more than 1.4 million people employed in San Diego who commute to and from work every single day in San Diego county.  Given the hustle and bustle of San Diego living, it is essential that people have safe and reliable transportation available for their use to get from place to place in and around the city. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of everyday driving can have an impact on the functionality of a vehicle. When your car does experience mechanical problems, it’s so important that you have a repair shop that you can trust to work on your car. At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, our mechanics take pride in providing fair and affordable estimates for the repair of your car. Call our office located in San Diego today to get an estimate for your car repairs today.  

Whether you drive a foreign or domestic vehicle, our qualified and professional mechanics at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego will provide quality car repairs in S.D. at a fair and reasonable price. We work on most cars that are in need of scheduled maintenance and cars that are in need of repair. Our team is dedicated to providing affordable, reliable, and skilled repair services to each customer’s vehicle that we encounter. Stop by Automobile Repair Shop San Diego today to see how we can help with your car repair needs.

Affordable Car Repair Services You Can Rely On

With all the busy traffic in La Mesa, traveling from work to school to the store, it’s important to make sure your car is operating in a safe condition to ensure safe transportation. Not every vehicle lasts forever, especially cars with high miles. Many people want to avoid expensive car repairs after facing minor or moderate mechanical problems, but the truth is that some of these problems can become worse and lead to higher expenses later on.

Our mechanic team at Automobile Repair Shop in La Mesa is skilled at fixing complex problems and will offer you fair and affordable options for car repair services. From standard maintenance check-ups and repair services to auto painting and glass repairs, our office in La Mesa provides a variety of auto services. Contact us today at (619) 330-0860 or (619) 330-0862 to get an estimate for how much the services you need could cost.

What Auto Repair Services Do We Offer in La Mesa?

Compared to other auto repair shops in San Diego that only offer specific types of repair services, our Automobile Repair Shop in La Mesa offers a full array of auto repair services. Our customers know they can count on us to have the service they need and always leave satisfied. The auto repair services we offer include:

  • Engine Diagnosis: Whenever your “check engine” light goes on or your engine starts malfunctioning for unknown reasons, you can rely on us to diagnose and figure out what went wrong. Our repair team is trained on how to identify the issues messing with your engine and help you understand the potential risks of not receiving repair services.
  • Engine Repairs: Once we have determined what is wrong with your engine, we can start the process of fixing your engine to ensure your car is running in optimal condition again. Our technicians have experience and work with a variety of car engines.
  • Brake Repairs: To ensure the safety of you and your family while driving, our goal is to provide you with the lowest estimate possible for repairing your brake system when your brakes no longer work. First, we will perform a brake inspection to identify what needs to be fixed, then we will advise you on what repairs should be made.
  • Steering and Suspension Repairs: When you start experiencing difficulty turning your steering wheel and strange noises or excessive vehicle bouncing when you drive over bumps, you may have a suspension or steering system problem. Not only will we fully inspect your car and provide estimated costs, but we can also repair ball joints, axles, and CV joints if needed.
  • Auto Maintenance Services: When the car inspection deadline comes around or your car is not working the same way as it once did, you can contact us in La Mesa to inspect your vehicle and perform general maintenance services. Depending on the condition of your vehicle, maintenance may involve an oil change, tune-up, or repairs.
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs: Heating and air conditioners in cars can go out for a variety of reasons that range from leaks to defective parts. Figuring out the exact cause can be challenging without professional help. We can make repairs as needed and recharge your cooling or heating system.
  • Smog Tests: To help decrease smog pollution in California, we perform regular smog tests for our customers to ensure their vehicles are helping to decrease air pollution.
  • Transmission Repairs: Car transmission is vital for being able to reverse your car, move forward, and park. If your car is showing delays in shifting, rough shifting, or shifting on its own, then you might have a transmission that is going out. Our repair shop offers services for automatic and manual transmission systems. We can also perform clutch repairs.

Auto Body Repair Services in La Mesa

Whether you want to make your car look new after an accident or want to avoid being pulled over for a damaged windshield, our team of technicians is prepared to perform an assortment of auto body repair services:

  • Windshield Repairs: Major breaks in a windshield are sometimes held together by the polyvinyl butyrate layer on top of the glass, but this layer can only do so much to protect you and your passengers from potential harm when the windshield gives way or prevents you from seeing the road.
  • Auto Painting: When you want to make your car look better by cleaning up paint-chipped areas or scratches, we have the tools necessary to give your car a professional paint-job. Our technicians are skilled at making sure the paintwork looks seamless.
  • Paintless Dent Repair: Paintless dent repairs can be tricky because the goal is to keep the paint from chipping. This is why our team is careful about deciding when a paintless dent repair can be done. Choosing this option can save you a lot of time and money.
  • Bumper and Fender Repairs: With hands-on experience working with steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, and sheet molded body types, we are ready to help remove dents and scratches from your fender and bumper.
  • Auto Paint Repair: Our goal with auto paint repair is to paint over chipped areas and scratches to make your car look like new again.
  • Window and Glass Repairs: We can help you figure out whether a glass replacement or a repair would be the best option for you.
  • Aluminum Repairs: Considering how tricky it is to work with aluminum, our team has specialized training in making aluminum repairs.
  • Dent Removal Services: Updated technology and skills are used by our team to remove minor to major dents.

Why Should I Seek Services from Automobile Repair Shop in La Mesa?

Automobile Repair Shop in La Mesa is an effective and highly reliable repair shop in California with a team of skilled technicians who are ready to offer a variety of repairs with accurate estimates and fair costs.

Call us at (619) 330-0860 or (619) 330-0862 to see how we can help with all your auto repair needs.

High-Quality Auto Repair Services with Fair Prices

When all the miles on your car add up after traveling each day in San Diego, a vehicle can slowly break down without proper maintenance and repair services. Car repairs are often delayed until they become noticeable because of how expensive they are known to be.

What makes our San Diego Automobile Repair Shop in Clairemont stand out is we offer high-quality auto repair services at competitive costs. Not only do we perform free car inspections to figure out what your car’s problems are, but we will also provide you a written estimated cost for each repair that’s needed. Our Automotive Service Excellence certified technicians can answer any questions you have and help you prioritize more important repairs first. We can also advise you on what could happen if certain repairs are not made by a certain time.

We strive to work with you during the entire process to make sure you receive the services you require. Maintaining a vehicle that can last decades is important to us. This is why we provide vehicle inspections, auto painting, auto repair services, and engine repairs. When you feel ready to schedule an appointment with San Diego Automobile Repair Shop in Clairemont, call us at (619) 330-0860 or (619) 330-0862.

San Diego Auto Repair Services We Offer

Our repair shop in Clairmont offers several types of auto repair services to fit all your vehicle’s needs. Compared to other local repair shops that only specialize in specific types of auto repairs, we provide a large assortment of auto repair services. The ASE certified technicians at our shop are the best in their field and specifically trained to use advanced tools and techniques to provide you with advanced repair services. some of the auto repair services we offer include: 

  • Engine Diagnosis and Repair Services: To diagnose an engine, we use specialized tools to pinpoint the exact causes of your vehicle’s engine problems. This allows us to give you accurate cost estimates of the repairs that would need to be made to restore your engine to its full capacity.
  • Auto Maintenance Services: Having your car inspected each year or when issues arise is important for preventing minor problems from becoming major malfunctions. We will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and give you a list of what repairs need to be made. You have the option to choose the repairs you want, and we will advise you on what risks are associated with not seeking certain repairs.  
  • Brake Repair Services: A faulty brake system can be incredibly dangerous when driving on the busy roads of Clairemont. Not being able to brake properly can put you and others at serious risk for a major auto accident. Our shop offers affordable and fast brake repair services. 
  • Suspension and Steering Repairs: Whenever your steering wheel becomes difficult to turn or your car bounces strangely with minor bumps, we are here to identify the issues and fix any broken ball joints, axles, and CV joints. 
  • Air Conditioner and Heating Repairs: Malfunctioning air conditioning and heating systems can be caused by leaks and various other problems. We will identify the issue and get it resolved. 
  • Transmission Repair Services: Considering that replacing a transmission system can be one of the most expensive auto repairs to make, it is important to recognize some common signs of a transmission system that is breaking down. The most common signs are rough or delayed shifting between gears and any kind of shifting that happens by itself. Our team can fix automatic and manual transmission systems. 

Auto Body Repairs We Provide in Clairemont

Having dents in your car or broken windows can be distressing. If your automobile suffered any kind of damages to the body, our repair shop in Clairemont is ready to offer services for fixing paintwork, denting, broken glass, and various other damages. Some of the auto body repair services we provide include:

  • Windshield Repairs: Even minor cracks in windshields can grow over time and become major problems in the future. A damaged windshield can also block your view of the road. Our ASE certified team can go in and repair or replace windshields when needed.
  • Window and Glass Repairs: If your windows or mirrors were damaged, we possess the specialized tools and equipment necessary to replace any broken glass. 
  • Auto Dent Removal: Whether your vehicle suffered minor or major dents, our mechanics have advanced equipment to fully remove these dents to make your vehicle look like new.
  • Paintless Dent Removal: Whenever you want to save a little extra money on auto body repairs, you might have the option of seeking a paintless dent removal that does not add on additional costs to repaint the damaged area. To determine whether your vehicle would qualify for paintless dent removal, we will carefully inspect the dent to see what we can do. 
  • Auto Paint Repair Services: Scratches, scuffs, and scrapes to your vehicle’s paintwork are no difficult task for us, even if your vehicle is of an older model with rare paint colors. We accomplish successful and precise paint jobs by using advanced computerized color matching technology to match your original paint color to our new paint color. 
  • Auto Painting: We can update your paint job with new colors or make repairs to any kind of paintwork you want to modify. Our team uses a multi-step process to increase the longevity of the new paint job. 
  • Bumper and Fender Repairs: Dented bumpers and fenders are no challenge for our team. 
  • Aluminum Repair Services: Specialized equipment and techniques are used by our technicians to restore broken sections. 

Benefits of Hiring San Diego Automobile Repair Shop Clairemont

There are several benefits to choosing San Diego Automobile Repair Shop in Clairemont over other repair shops. We uniquely offer affordable and transparent prices with a hard-working crew that uses modern repair techniques. You can contact us at (619) 330-0860 or (619) 330-0862 to schedule a free car inspection today.

Auto Repair Services We Offer at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego

Unlike most auto repair shops in San Diego who specialize in one type of auto repair, we offer a full auto repair experience. We have hired some of the best technicians in the auto repair industry at our San Diego automotive shop and our customers leave here feeling completely satisfied with the services we make on their automobiles. Our dedicated team of car repair technicians are dedicated to delivering top-quality work on every car we work on. We work diligently to ensure vehicles are cared for like they are our own. Our conveniently located San Diego repair shop provides a variety of services for customers, such as:

Maintenance is a crucial part of ensuring your vehicle will continue to function properly. Our team of technicians are highly trained and qualified to perform general maintenance services most vehicles. Our team will thoroughly inspect your vehicle and provide maintenance services to ensure your vehicle remains reliable for you. That includes services such as Tune-ups and oil changes.
Maintaining low pollution levels in California is extremely important. For this reason, we conduct thorough smog testing for customers to ensure their vehicles continue to perform to standard.
Engines are incredibly complex. They are also a vital part of vehicle performance and safety. Our skilled technicians are well-trained to diagnosis and perform engine repairs for a variety of different vehicle types. Automobile Repair Shop San Diego works diligently to ensure your engine is repaired correctly so you can get back on the road in your vehicle.
That includes both manual and automatic transmission repairs on most vehicles. We also do clutch repairs when needed.
We can determine if your battery has gone bad or if there is something more going on with your electrical system. If we do determine that there is something wrong with your electrical system, we can pinpoint whether your starter is bad, your alternator is bad, or if there is some other problem with the charging system is bad. We can make all necessary repairs to get you back out safely on the roads.
We will do a complete brake inspection on your car to determine what repairs are needed to make your vehicle safe when stopping. We will give you the lowest estimate possible to ensure you and your families safety when stopping your car.
We will provide you with a complete inspection and estimate for repairs of your steering or suspension systems. We will replace your shocks or struts at a fair price when needed. We also make repairs to CV joints, ball joints, and axles when necessary.
We will provide you with a complete inspection and estimate for repairs of your steering or suspension systems. We will replace your shocks or struts at a fair price when needed. We also make repairs to CV joints, ball joints, and axles when necessary.
We can recharge your cooling system and make necessary tune ups and repairs to air conditioners that are not longer working properly. Call us today to get and estimate for air conditioning repair services.

Whether you need your vehicle’s battery replaced, your brakes, belts, hoses, heating, or even cooling system, we are here to help with all your mechanical needs. Not only are we dedicated to performing top quality services for our customers, but we are able to provide these services in a timeframe that meets most customer’s schedules. Our team will conduct a full multi-point inspection and provide comprehensive analysis of the problems and services needed. Contact Automobile Repair Shop San Diego today to schedule an estimate at your earliest convenience.

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Affordable Auto Body Repairs in San Diego

We also provide auto body service to most vehicle is San Diego. Here is a list of the auto body repair work that we provide.

Our team harnesses some of the latest technology, training, and skills in the industry. We provide leading dental removal and repair services for every vehicle.

Being involved in a collision can have a devastating impact on a vehicle. Thankfully, Automobile Repair Shop San Diego meticulously performs repairs for every bumper in need. We will recondition the surface to ensure there are no signs of scrapes, dents, scratches, or other imperfections.

Fender damage can be as minor as a small dent to something more serious. Either way, our team is equipped and ready to fix nearly any type of damage your vehicle sustains. We have extensive experience working with steel, aluminum, sheet molded compound, and carbon fiber auto body types.

Traveling down busy San Diego highways can take a major toll on the appearance of our vehicles. Whether your vehicle’s paint is chipped from thrown gravel, inclement weather, or a collision, we work hard to get your vehicle’s paint finish looking brand new again.

Our team provides exceptional paintless dent repair to those in need. We begin by assessing the damage to your vehicle to determine whether or not paintless repairs are the most suitable option for you. Depending on the depth and the location of the damage, it may be best to proceed with the repair without adding new paint.

Although it is easy to ignore cracks and chips on your vehicle’s glass, doing so can have a detrimental impact on the strength and quality of the product. Unfortunately, not addressing the problem quickly can have financial consequences, as well. Automobile Repair Shop San Diego will assess the damage to your auto glass and determine whether a repair or replacement is the best option for you.

Scratches, scuffs, and paint chips can be difficult to mask with touch-up paint. Rather than attempt to tackle this job on your own, come to Automobile Repair Shop San Diego to have one of our trained professionals take on the hard work for you. With some of the finest painters and staff in the industry, you can rest assured knowing your painting needs are in the best hands.

The complex structure of the windshield is designed to ensure the glass doesn’t shatter when chips or small cracks occur. Although the polyvinyl butyrate layer holds the glass together, it is best not to take advantage of an unfortunate situation. A cracked or broken windshield can jeopardize the safety of vehicle occupants. It is crucial for you to contact our Automobile Repair Shop San Diego to get these damages taken care of by respected professionals than take chances.

Working with aluminum is significantly different than repairing steel. Our team understands the limitations of aluminum and has all the tools necessary to ensure aluminum repairs go smoothly.

Why Work with Automobile Repair Shop San Diego

Automobile Repair Shop San Diego is a trusted and reliable auto repair shop located in the heart of San Diego. We remain dedicated to providing the best car repair experience available for our customers. We are dedicated to offering hassle-free repairs complete with precise damage assessments and estimates. 

Automobile Repair Shop San Diego works with many insurance companies to streamline the car repair process for customers in the event that your car was damaged in an accident.

Our specialties at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego include:

  • Doing our best work to make sure every client feels comfortable and at ease throughout the entire process
  • Provide a satisfaction guarantee for all of the work that we perform

Our technicians are ASE certified (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) and are ready to tackle even some of the most difficult repairs for you and your vehicle. You can rest assured knowing your vehicle is in good hands with us. Contact Automobile Repair Shop San Diego to request an appointment to get started on your repairs today.

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Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you… and your car!


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I am very happy with their service. They are very professional and fast in service. I would recommend them to my neighbors, the best auto repair shop in San Diego."
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We are totally satisfied with the service and car care that they provided us. We have been customers for many years. Thank you very much Automobile Repair Shop San Diego!
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