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If you are in need of auto painting services in Chula Vista, stop by Automobile Repair Shop San Diego to see how we can help you!

If you notice any scratches, blemishes, or marks on your vehicle’s paint job, it may be time for a new coat. Our auto body shop offers affordable paint jobs that are top-quality and made to last. 

Stop by Automobile Repair Shop San Diego today for a free estimate for your vehicle.

Our Guaranteed Paint Services

At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, we stand by the quality of work we provide for our customers. Through the entire process, we take great care to ensure your vehicle looks brand new. Whether you need a collision repair, body work, or your entire car painted, you can rest assured knowing that our services will last for many years to come. 

We begin each paint service by conducting a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s surface. We detail all of the imperfections and draft a plan to combat the issues. Our team will contact you and provide you with an estimate of how much it will cost to get the body work completed. This is the amount of money you can expect to pay with no hidden costs. If you are dealing with an insurance company, we will help you get the money necessary for the paint job and repairs.

If any bodywork is needed, we will remove damaged parts and perform the repairs needed. We will replace all necessary parts and begin the sanding process. We use several grits of sandpaper to help remove dirt and all imperfections and sand it down to a flat and perfect surface for new paint. We will smooth out any scratches on the vehicle, prime the car or truck, and seal the surface to ensure a smooth and quality finish once the painting service is complete.

The Paint Application Process

When we are ready to begin painting, we will make sure all trim and areas that are not going to be painted are covered. This level of protection ensures that the chrome trim work and other parts on the vehicle are not accidentally covered in paints or splatter. 

We apply three coats of paint to each vehicle, allowing ample time to dry between layers. After the paint services are finished, we remove all tape and paper. We then clean trim and windows and reinstall any parts that were removed. 

A service manager will then perform a quality assurance inspection to ensure the paint services are up to standard. 

Paint Job Types We Provide

At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, we perform various types of paint jobs, including: 
  • Bumper painting
  • Car painting 
  • Flat black paint jobs/matte 
  • Custom car painting 
  • Pickup and SUV painting

Whether you need help with repairing a damaged surface with a color match, or an entire car painted, we can help you.

Contact Automobile Repair Shop San Diego Today

Our business can be reached by calling 619 330 0860. We can meet with you at any of our locations in Chula Vista to inspect your vehicles and provide you with estimates.