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Service Your Coolant Antifreeze in San Diego CA Today

The leading cause of vehicle failure in San Diego CA is related to tires. However, many vehicle owners don’t know what the next leading cause of automotive failure is. It is the coolant system. If you take proper care of your coolant system, you can prevent serious issues down the road. 

Coolant Is Essential to a Healthy Engine

The engine produces intense levels of heat. This heat can cause the engine to lock up if it is not properly cooled, ending in extensive damage and a costly repair bill. However, when the coolant system is working as it should, your engine is able to operate at the correct temperature. If the antifreeze in your system runs out, the water is at risk of freezing and damaging the engine, and engine repair in San Diego is a costly repair. 

You can help protect your engine from damage due to freezing or overheating by making sure the correct mix of water and antifreeze are present. Your coolant also can protect the system from corrosion that can contribute to system failure. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to keep up with their coolant system, and failure is extremely common. Luckily, it is easy to prevent. 

Service Your Coolant Antifreeze in San Diego CA Today

An auto mechanic in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego can change your coolant in accordance with the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer. While they’re at it, they can perform complete system service. 

Change Your Coolant/Antifreeze

Even with top-of-the-line antifreeze, you cannot entirely prevent harmful deposits from building up inside the system. The additives inside the coolant will deplete over time, and then the fluid will need to be changed. When a coolant service is performed, the auto technician cleans out the system, replacing the old fluid in the process. A coolant system service is a cheap way to prevent serious engine repairs later on, and prevention is a key component of auto maintenance. 

There are two primary warning signs for the coolant system. When the temperature gauge reads hot or a warning message tells you to check your coolant level, you should be worried. You can check out the coolant overflow under the hood, and a line will indicate the proper fluid level. 

If you want to have your coolant system inspected, bring your car to Automobile Repair Shop San Diego today for a complete inspection. 

Auto Maintenance San Diego

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