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Serpentine Belt Repair at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego

If you are hearing some strange squealing noises under the hood, you may have a problem with your serpentine belt. This is the longest belt in your engine, winding around various components that provide power to crucial systems in your car. Many vehicle owners in San Diego CA know little about the serpentine belt, so let’s take a closer look. 

What Systems Does the Serpentine Belt Drive? 

Serpentine Belt Repair at Automobile Repair Shop San DiegoThe serpentine belt is what drives your car’s air conditioning system by spinning the compressor, which in turn produces the cool air that you need when cruising around in the San Diego heat. 

The belt is also responsible for powering the alternator, which creates electricity that is in turn used by your vehicle’s electrical systems. The alternator also charges your car battery, and without it, your car would lose juice after a few miles. 

The serpentine belt is also what operates the pumps for the power steering and power brake systems. For most cars, this belt also gives power to the water pump, which circulates coolant through the engine in order to maintain functional temperatures. The water pumps of certain vehicles are driven by the timing belt and not the serpentine belt. 

Do I Need to Repair My Serpentine Belt in San Diego CA? 

If the serpentine belt breaks, it can be serious. Vehicle manufacturers usually recommend that the belt is changed routinely in order to prevent failure

At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, our auto mechanics in San Diego will perform an inspection to see if there are any cracks or signs that your belt may fail. Some signs of a worn belt include: 

  • More than three or four cracks per inch
  • Deep cracks penetrating half the depth of the belt
  • Fraying
  • Missing pieces
  • A shiny, glazed look

If these signs are present, the serpentine belt needs to be changed. 

If the belt has lost thickness, it needs to be replaced at an auto repair shop in San Diego. A spring-loaded pulley is attached to the engine, called the tensioner pulley. It is there to maintain tension on the belt to prevent slippage. When the spring wears, it can’t provide the correct pressure to keep the belt at the correct tension. This tensioner should be changed at the same time as the serpentine belt. 

The serpentine belt is a crucial component in your car and needs to be maintained to avoid costly repairs. 

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