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The Job of the Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt is a crucial part of your car that operates many necessary accessories, such as the alternator. Without the alternator, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to produce the power needed to recharge its battery. The serpentine belt also powers the air conditioning compressor, keeping you cool when driving around in the hotter San Diego’s hotter months. 

For most cars, the serpentine belt also drives the power steering and power brake pumps, which assist with your vehicle’s steering and braking. 

Next, the water pump is also powered by the serpentine belt, and this device makes sure fresh coolant is able to reach your engine. Other vehicles may have a water pump driven by the timing belt. 

The cooling fans of the radiator in certain cars are also powered by the serpentine belt, while others may have electric motors. This one belt powers so many systems, it’s no wonder that they break under so much pressure. 

These days, engines have a single belt that winds around the front of the engine, driving nearly all your vehicle’s accessories. While the serpentine belt does a substantial amount of work, they are designed to last for miles and miles. 

Serpentine Belt Inspection in San Diego

Serpentine Belt Auto Repair in San Diego CAJust how long does the serpentine belt last? That depends on the person driving the car. Of course, the owner’s manual will provide a recommended interval to change the belt, but there is a chance it will need to happen sooner. Luckily, an auto mechanic in San Diego can perform a visual inspection to see if your serpentine belt is near its breaking point. 

A technician at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego can examine the belt. If it has three or four cracks per inch, it needs to be replaced. If the crack is deep, it should be changed. Frayed belts with missing pieces need to be replaced right away. 

There are a few steps to changing the serpentine belt. The old belt will be removed by the technician, and a new one will be fitted through the pulleys. There is one special pulley referred to as a tensioner which is mounted to the engine block with a spring-loaded arm. It will help make sure that the correct amount of tension is applied to prevent it from coming loose and slipping off the pulley system. Even these tensioners will wear out over time and the springs will need to be changed. 

Bring your car down to a local auto repair shop in San Diego if you think you need serpentine auto repair today. 

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