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Save on Gas by Keeping Up with Auto Maintenance San Diego

A regular topic in the news is the rising price of gas, and this has led to many San Diego residents purchasing a car with better fuel economy. As vehicle owners, we should always try to improve fuel-efficiency in any way possible. 

If you follow the recommended service intervals for your car, you can keep your vehicle running optimally and with greater fuel economy. If you think about it, dirty oil or fluid is unable to lubricate or clean your car’s systems, resulting in reduced fuel economy. 

If you stay up to date with your scheduled oil changes and transmission services, you can save some cash at the pump. 

Regular Service Can Improve Mileage

Dirty engine air filters can rob your engine of its efficiency. They make it difficult for the engine to receive enough air to properly burn the fuel, meaning that more gas is needed to go the same distance. If you replace a dirty air filter, it will pay for itself in fuel savings before you even have to change your oil again. 

Save on Gas by Keeping Up with Auto Maintenance San Diego

With this in mind, you can see how dirty fuel injectors can really impair your car’s ability to get around. If you need a fuel system cleaning, come by to a local auto repair shop in San Diego to have it done. 

Another easy way you can effectively save on gas is by making sure your tires are properly inflated. Low tire pressure can cost you more by the gallon, so check your tire pressure when you fill-up. 

Check Engine Light Repair

Many car owners in San Diego CA have had the misfortune of an illuminated check engine light, and many will let it stay on longer than they should. The check engine light is there to show you that something is wrong with your car. You should take your car to an auto mechanic in San Diego when your check engine light comes on. 

A check engine light can even impact your fuel economy in dramatic ways. You may just have a loose gas cap, which can lead to a false sensor reading and trigger the check engine light. 

If your check engine light has been on for a while, you should consider that you are unnecessarily losing money at the pump. 

If it’s time for routine auto maintenance for your car, come on by Automobile Repair Shop San Diego. 

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