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The mechanisms that come together for your engine to function operate in a precise manner. Even if the smallest component goes wrong, it can have a substantial impact. If the timing in your engine is off, it may be unable to run entirely. The combustion cycle is probably one of the most complex systems in your engine. 

Your Engine is Powerful and Complex

The engine of your car contains cylinders, with pistons constantly going up and down. There are valves at the top of these cylinders that transport air to the fuel system, and there are other valves that let the exhaust escape after the fuel is burned. 

It is key that these systems are timed properly to ensure that they open and close at an exact time in the combustion cycle. If not, the engine will not run too well — and it may be unable to run at all. 

Timing Belt Repair San Diego

Save Money Today with a Timing Belt Repair in San DiegoThe timing belt is tasked with rotating the shafts controlling these valves, and it is crucial to the precision of this complicated system. Timing belts are composed of sturdy materials and designed to run for a long time. However, like all things, they will wear out over time and break down, and this can result in disastrous consequences. 

Certain engines have valves that extend into the cylinders, meaning that they can be in contact with the piston. A broken timing belt will send the pistons crashing into the valves, causing them to bend or break. The broken components can shred the cylinder head in an engine that is working at full capacity, and the repair for this kind of damage can easily cost thousands of dollars. 

This kind of damage can be easily avoided. Vehicle manufacturers provide recommendations for when a timing belt should be replaced, which is usually around 60,000 miles but can be as high as 90,000 miles for certain engines. If you have reached or surpassed the 60,000-mile mark, you should check in with an auto repair shop in San Diego to see if you are overdue for a timing belt replacement. 

Certain timing belts are easy to inspect, while others are hidden and difficult to access. Some timing belts power the water pump, and a leaky pump may release coolant that contaminates the timing belt, making it fail sooner than it would normally. 

Take your car into an auto mechanic in San Diego to see if your car is in need of any crucial repairs at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego. 

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