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San Diego Tire Rotation & Balancing Essentials

You can make your tires last longer with routine tire rotation and wheel balancing. 

Tire Rotation San Diego

Let’s talk about tire rotation

In normal driving, front tires will wear more on the shoulders as they handle the force of turns. Front-wheel drive cars have even more force on front tires. The auto mechanics in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego will rotate the tires so that they all wear evenly. 

Rotating your tires will ensure that all four will wear more evenly over time. You know that tires are rotated from front to back, and this is true for most vehicles. Certain manufacturers advise a cross rotational pattern including the spare tires, and some high-performance cars have different-sized tires on the front and rear and may have unidirectional tires that can only be one side of the vehicle. Your mechanic in San Diego will help you perform the correct tire rotation for your car. Your tire manufacturers recommend how you should rotate your tires, and it is usually from 5,000 to 8,000 miles. 

Wheel Balancing San Diego

San Diego Tire Rotation & Balancing EssentialsNow, let’s take a look at wheel balancing

That is when there are heavy spots on the tires and wheels, causing it to wobble. Balancing adds weight to the wheel to balance out the ride. Why would a wheel be out of balance? These are very slight weight differences, and even small variations can result in an imbalance. 

The valve stem and the tire pressure monitoring sensors can play into the problem. Even slight differences can result in vibrations at certain speeds. Basically, your wheel is bouncing slightly as you travel down the road. 

For instance, at freeway speeds, an out-of-balance wheel can be slamming into the ground 14 times per second. That can be really annoying, but it can also cause your tires to wear out more quickly. If a front wheel is out of balance, you will feel the vibration through the steering wheel. 

When it is a rear tire, you will feel a vibration in your seat. If you are having some issues with your car, bring it into an auto repair shop in San Diego to see if it is a balance issue or another problem. Whenever you get a new tire or remount a tire, you should have your wheels balanced. 

Tire Repair San Diego CA

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