Common Causes of a Faulty Car A/C in San Diego CA

Routine Auto Repair in San Diego Can Improve Fuel Economy

Just by adjusting some driving habits, car owners in San Diego can save some money at the pump. 

Easy Ways to Improve Gas Mileage

Simple things like grouping your errands in a single trip can pay off, saving some time and money in the process. You can even save just by using your cruise control because a constant speed is good for your fuel economy. However, only do so under the right circumstances. 

You can even save on gas by reducing the weight of your vehicle. By cleaning out the trunk or back seat, getting rid of things that you do not routinely use, you can improve mileage. Any unwanted debris, even like snow or ice, can weigh down your car and affect the overall aerodynamics. 

Long idle times can really start to take a toll. Most modern engines don’t need to idle to warm up, so save the hassle. While you’re at it, if your gas cap leaks or is worn, get a new one. 

Auto Repair San Diego for Increased Fuel Economy

Routine Auto Repair in San Diego Can Improve Fuel EconomyThe bottom line is that a well-maintained vehicle will use less fuel, and proper auto maintenance in San Diego can really add up over time. For instance, changing out a contaminated air filter will pay for itself in fuel savings alone, and it will only continue to keep more money in your pocket. 

Needless to say, a properly maintained fuel system can really pay off. You can waste gas with a clogged fuel filter, and the same can be said of dirty fuel injectors or plugged valves. By having a fuel system service performed at an auto repair shop in San Diego, you can greatly increase engine power. 

The check engine light is something that often goes ignored, but fixing the problem early on can really help save down the road. It may just be a bad oxygen sensor robbing you of your gas mileage. 

Your vehicle may just be in need of a tune-up, which can greatly improve your fuel economy. Routine maintenance items should never be overlooked, including: 

  • Scheduled oil changes
  • Transmission service
  • Cooling system service. 
  • Changing dirty fluids

If you want to know if your car needs any maintenance, just consult with the owner’s manual or ask a technician at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego. 

Lastly, don’t skip on your tires. Underinflated tires can reduce your mileage, and a bad alignment can rob you of proper fuel economy. 

Auto Maintenance San Diego

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