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Recommended Service Intervals for San Diego Drivers

Most drivers understand that there are recommended service intervals for their vehicles, but many don’t know how important it is to follow these intervals. These service intervals are determined by engineers who have tested the components of our cars in order to meet durability and safety standards. While some of these standards are self-imposed, others are mandated by the state, such as emission standards. 

The recommended auto maintenance in San Diego schedule is intended to meet these standards. The benefits of following these intervals can be simply stated as protection, efficiency, and safety. 

Auto Repair Protection

It all starts with motor oil. Your vehicle manufacturer will recommend a certain weight and type of oil for your car, and these recommendations are made assuming that you will use the right kind of motor oil. Your vehicle’s oil contains detergents and additives that clean the engine, while also providing resistance to corrosion. These additives will deplete over time, and the oil will become contaminated. 

If you go past the recommended interval, your engine will be operating without the necessary protection of fresh motor oil. It also allows sludge to build up, clogging critical engine pathways. 

Auto Maintenance Efficiency

Other services are meant to ensure that your automotive systems are operating properly. If you let your fuel system become clogged, the fuel will not be able to flow efficiently, negatively impacting your fuel economy. By cleaning the fuel system, you can restore your overall efficiency while maximizing your gas mileage. 

Auto Safety

Recommended Service Intervals for San Diego CA DriversYour brake system is critical to the safety of your car. Your vehicle manufacturer has a recommended interval for brake pad replacement and power brake fluid drain and replacement. Brakes play an important role in vehicle safety, meaning that a brake inspection can help prevent problems before they contribute to a serious accident. 

You can always check your owner’s manual for recommended service intervals or consult with an auto mechanic in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego. 

It may be shocking to know that your recommended list of services for your car will include various inspections. Usually, these inspections are set at major intervals, such as every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. These service intervals are intended to determine which key components are about to fail or need repair. 

While it is pretty easy to know when to change your oil, you need a trained auto technician who can inform you that you have a bad radiator hose. 

Auto Maintenance in San Diego

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