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Proper Tire Pressure Can Save Lives in San Diego CA

There are tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) including in most newer passenger cars in the San Diego area. These systems are intended to alert the driver that their tires are underinflated. However, many still have questions about the new TPMS. 

Tire Pressure Tips

Firstly, you should check your tire pressure each week. At the least, every time you gas up your car. The TPMS alert will show up when your tire is 20% below the recommended pressure. That means if the recommended pressure is 35 pounds per sq. inch, the system will not come on until the pressure reaches 28 pounds. This is a cause for concern, and driving on a significantly underinflated tire can be extremely dangerous. 

Tire failure is the worst-case scenario. A seriously underinflated tire may overheat and fail entirely, and your handling may diminish to an extent that you are unable to steer. Underinflated tires will also wear much more quickly and decrease overall fuel efficiency. It can cost you if you neglect proper tire inflation. 

The Benefits of the TPMS

Proper Tire Pressure Can Save Lives in San Diego CAThere are two main benefits of the TPMS. It can alert a driver that they are losing pressure, either due to a puncture or bent rim, or it can be a key warning that you need to inflate your tires. It can be a reminder to check our tire pressure, alerting us to any problems that may be growing. 

There are some other factors that may set off the TPMS. The sensors are mounted to the wheels and contain small batteries, sending a signal to the monitor. If the batteries die, the TPMS will alert you. If a sensor breaks, it will let you know. 

There are some common hassles that auto repair shops in San Diego have to deal with. When you have your tires rotated, the TPMS has to re-calibrate in order to know which tire is where on the vehicle. This is also the case for special tire sets or flat repairs. 

This can take some time, and you need an auto mechanic in San Diego that has the correct equipment and knowledge to handle it. Costly and specialized tire change machines are required for most sensors, and it can be overwhelming due to the fact that there are so many different kinds of TPMS that are commonly in use in San Diego. 

Tire Wheel San Diego

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