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Problems Caused by Bad Oxygen Sensor

Because it indirectly impacts the balance of fuel and air being burned in the combustion chamber, a malfunctioning oxygen (O2) sensor might cause your engine to slow. The auto mechanics in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop Diego know that the lifespan of an oxygen sensor can range from 30,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on the age of your vehicle. You may notice the following indicators if your oxygen sensor is failing. You should consider an auto repair at your nearest repair shop. 

Check Engine Light

The check engine light comes on as one of the first symptoms of a faulty O2 sensor. When the sensor fails, it generates an error code, which causes the check engine light to illuminate. Until you replace the O2 sensor, your check engine light will stay on.

Black Exhaust Smoke

A failing O2 sensor might also cause black exhaust smoke. The cause for this is that your engine’s combustion chamber is using too much fuel. The primary computer chip uses this to store extra fuel.

Poor Engine Performance

Problems Caused by Bad Oxygen SensorCar AC

Your engine may splutter or spike in addition to lagging. There is likely too much gasoline in the combustion chamber if your engine is surging. There may be too much air in the chamber if you hear sputtering. The engine control unit frequently makes needless modifications when the oxygen sensor fails.

Impaired Fuel Efficiency

Your vehicle’s engine will become less efficient as a result of these problems. Due to the decreased fuel efficiency of your vehicle, you will find yourself at the gas station more frequently. This can be a major issue for individuals on a tight budget, especially given San Diego’s high cost of gas.

High Vehicle Emissions

Another issue produced by a faulty O2 sensor is an increase in the number of emissions released by your vehicle. Unfortunately, your automobile, truck, or SUV may fail its smog inspection if this occurs. As you may be aware, in order to keep your vehicle registered in California, you must pass a smog check every two years.

Rotten Egg Smell

Finally, if your car’s engine bay or exhaust smells like rotten eggs, you probably have a clogged catalytic converter. This could be caused by a faulty oxygen sensor. Your car may be overheating due to the catalytic converter releasing too much heat beneath it, in addition to the bad stench.

If you notice any of these issues, you should bring your vehicle to a trusted auto repair shop in San Diego. Automobile Repair Shop San Diego is here to help you with any of your vehicle repair needs. 

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