Why You Need to do Preventative Auto Maintenance in San Diego

Power Steering Repair in San Diego

Power Steering Flush

Power steering fluid replacements should always be performed according to the specifications outlined by the manufacturer in order to protect the system from being damaged. The majority of these systems rely on fluid to create hydraulic pressure which reduces the effort needed to steer your car. There are anti-corrosive additives and detergent in the fluid that clean and lubricate the system. These additives aid in protecting moving parts from excessive friction, prevent fluid clogs, and ensure a smooth ride. 

Over time, these additives will begin to wear and will no longer offer protection for the system components. Hoses will start to wear down and small pieces of rubber will break off into the fluid, resulting in clogs. Contaminated fluid can even attract water which will hasten the process of deterioration, corrodes hoses and connectors, and can lead to leaks down the road. If the fluid is unable to flow properly due to clogs or leaks, steering performance will decline over time and become rough. 

Leak Repair

Power Steering Repair in San DiegoPower steering fluid leaks can significantly increase the effort needed to steer and could even lead to uneven steering of loss of vehicle control. Low fluid levels can also result in pump failure, danger to other parts, or just impaired fuel economy. When leaks are repaired as soon as they are found, it can save you from having to undergo costly repairs later on, such as a power steering pump replacement. 

If you experience a system failure, you may still be able to drive and steer your vehicle, but it just will not be as smooth. The lower the speed, the harder it will be to steer the vehicle without the aid of the power steering system, but malfunctions within the system can result in a  complete lock-up of your steering wheel, leaving you unable to drive or control your car entirely. This will leave you needing a tow to the nearest auto repair shop San Diego CA for an urgent repair. 

Serpentine Belt Replacement

Some newer cars have systems that rely on electronic motors that aid the driver’s efforts to steer the car or truck, but in the majority of cars, the serpentine belt or drive belt powers the pump which pressurizes the fluid, creating a hydraulic steering aid. The serpentine belt will wear over time and place undue stress on the pump and other parts. Your mechanic San Diego will follow the factory service recommendations for serpentine belt replacements to help prevent damage to these parts. 

Auto Repair San Diego

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