Potholes and Road Construction Can Negatively Impact Your Car

Potholes and Road Construction Can Negatively Impact Your Car

Like your dashboard warning lights, no one wants to see those familiar orange road signs strewn across many streets and highways either. Even if it is a detour, pothole, men working, or anything in between, it is critical to be aware of what you might encounter and how it may affect your vehicle during this construction season. However, there are ways that roadway construction and potholes can negatively impact your car. 

Tires and Suspension

Roads in construction zones are frequently bumpy and sometimes treacherous. This can cause damage to parts of your vehicle that are already vulnerable. Make sure your tires are in good shape if you know you’ll be passing through construction zones on your trip. If you hit a piece of equipment or debris, a slow leak can quickly lead to a flat tire, and a weak, old tire can quickly become a blowout. A blowout, on the other hand, could leave you stranded in an unsafe location and even cause an accident.

It’s also a good idea to double-check your tire suspension before heading out. Every bump in the road can throw your car’s balance and suspension out of whack with misaligned tires. Your car has a harder time controlling and, more importantly, stopping because your tires are struggling to maintain grip.


Potholes and Road Construction Can Negatively Impact Your Car

Potholes can be found almost anywhere. While the severity of a pothole’s damage depends on its speed and impact, it can damage your tires, cause fluid leaks and bent rims, and even destroy your exhaust system. Strange noises coming from your exhaust are a clear indication that you should have it checked out.

Loose Debris

Small pieces of rock and debris from road construction are frequently thrown into the air and carried from one vehicle to the next. These can cause cosmetic damage to your car, but windshield dents are probably more notable.  While cracks are not always large, it is always best to address them as soon as possible to prevent them from deepening and spreading.

The truth is that we often believe we are less at risk during the summer because the weather is nice and we believe we can quickly correct any driving errors to avoid an accident. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 750 people died each year in work zone-related vehicle accidents between 1982 and 2014. 

Auto Repair in Kearny Mesa

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