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Picking the Right Engine Oil for Your Car

Many people who have recently acquired a new vehicle find themselves wondering exactly which type of oil they should be using. This is not a surprise as there are so many options available. First and foremost, checking the manufacturer’s guidelines for your car to see whether synthetic is recommended is always a great idea. For those who may be unaware, the major difference between synthetic and traditional oil, according to the San Marcos auto mechanics at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, is that synthetic oil is created in a lab and is meant to be more chemically stable. This provides customers with an oil that is less likely to acidify or oxidize. It also takes longer to break down in your engine.

Protect Your Engine

If your vehicle’s engine needs extra protection, synthetic oil is a better option. Synthetic motor oil is ideal for those who drive mostly for short distances. This oil has a longer viscosity retention time. It does not require significant engine warm-up to safeguard the engine. If you drive for less than 15 minutes on a regular basis, synthetic oil will preserve your engine better.

Synthetic is also preferable for high-mileage vehicles that are more prone to engine muck accumulation. As it passes through the engine, conventional oil leaves more sludge deposits on the engine components than synthetic oil. This means synthetic will help you get even more mileage out of your high-mileage vehicle, truck, or SUV by keeping your older engine cleaner.

Oil Viscosity

Picking the Right Engine Oil for Your CarSynthetic motor oil has a higher viscosity than traditional oil. This helps it perform effectively in the conditions mentioned above as well as in stop-and-go traffic. Synthetic oil keeps its viscosity longer. That means it maintains the engine better even in severe outside temperatures. Luckily, we don’t experience this here in San Marcos, CA.

Still, viscosity is essential since it determines how well your engine is protected. Thick, sludge-filled motor oil can’t do much more than deposit gunk all over the engine. Thin, clean oil maintains the engine by lubricating the moving components to minimize friction and clearing away sludge and dirt as it circulates. Both of which are needed for longer durations.

The heat inside the engine requires improved viscosity retention. High-performance engines, especially turbocharged, require more protection from daily wear and tear than a small car engine. Synthetic oil will preserve the turbocharger in your high-end sports vehicle far better than ordinary motor oil when performing auto maintenance in San Marcos

If you’re still unsure whether synthetic oil would be better for your vehicle, contact Automobile Repair Shop San Diego in San Marcos, CA. We’ll go through your oil choices with you and recommend the best solution for your car and driving patterns.

Oil Change in San Marcos

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