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New Tire and Wheel Selection Guide in San Diego

There is nothing really like a new set of tires: the little rubber hairs, the intoxicating aroma. A lot of vehicle owners live for these small aspects of car maintenance. No matter how you drive or where you go, you need a good set of tires suited for your needs. 

The same is true for your car’s wheels, and picking one can be difficult when you have thousands to choose from. 

At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, we can help you get an idea of what you need before you consult with a tire professional in San Diego CA. 

Get Tires Suited to Your Driving Style

If you drive a large sport-utility vehicle but don’t venture off-road, you don’t need an off-road tread. Since you are not going to be rolling rocks, you don’t require a high-profile tire to protect your rims. You can go with a low-wide look for your tire-wheel. 

If there is a rainy winter season or you are planning on driving over ice and snow, a high-performance snow tire can give you the traction you need. 

For any car, there are an array of tire and wheel options. When you discuss what you need with an auto mechanic in San Diego, it will be extremely helpful. You need to ensure that you select a tire suited for your unique driving needs and improve your ride. 

Needed Repairs for a Tire Upgrade

New Tire and Wheel Selection Guide in San Diego CAor Maintaining Your CarIf you choose a wheel that is the same size as you currently have, it is easy enough. However, if you want to upsize, it can become a bit more complicated. If you want to up the size of your wheel, you need a little help. You need to make sure that your upgraded tire and wheel can fit. After all, you don’t want your tires to rub against the car when you make a turn or hit a pothole. Your brakes and suspension components need to fit with your chosen wheel, as well. If your car isn’t drivable, it doesn’t matter how good it looks with a new set of wheels. 

Taller and wider wheels and tires will likely weigh more than a stock set. This new weight can have a serious effect on your brake performance. If you pick a set of tires that are too big, you will need to upgrade your brakes as well. 

An inaccurate speedometer may be another issue. The number of rotations can change with a new set of wheels, impacting its accuracy. All you need is to have an auto repair shop in San Diego adjust the engine computer to compensate for the new set of tires. 

San Diego Auto Mechanics

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