How Does Ash Impact Your Air Filter in San Diego CA?

Never Put Off Your San Diego Oil Change

Motor oil keeps everything under your car’s hood running smoothly, but over time, that oil will become dirty. That is not something you want coursing through your car’s expensive components. Getting any oil change may seem like a needless chore, but if put off, it can leave you with a bigger headache and a much higher bill down the road. Here are the best reasons you should never put off an oil change in San Diego

Small Issues Can Become Big Problems

The issues that can arise from failing to change your oil routinely can often be severe. Old, contaminated oil can ruin your entire engine and reduce the overall performance of your vehicle. When the fresh oil that kept your engine lubricated is no longer there, engine components will begin to deteriorate and fail to operate as they should. This can lead to two serious vehicle problems

  • A notable decrease in your vehicle’s all-around performance.
  • A significant increase in the risk of a complete engine breakdown.  

You heard that right: by just not changing your oil regularly, your vehicle’s engine could break down entirely, leaving you with a large engine repair bill and your vehicle with an extended stay at your local auto repair shop in San Diego

Fuel Efficiency

Never Put Off Your San Diego Oil ChangeA portion of the impaired performance we are talking about will be shown through decreased fuel economy. Keeping your engine well-lubricated with clean oil will ensure that everything is working as efficiently as possible. As the oil becomes dirtier, your engine has to work harder to take you the same distance. 

This results in lower gas mileage than you would have usually. Unless you love spending money at the pump, this is a serious issue and could cost you a significant sum later on. It is much cheaper to just get a routine oil change. 

You May Be Able to Catch Bigger Problems Before They Happen

Anytime you have an opportunity to have a certified auto mechanic in San Diego take a look under the hood of your vehicle, that more likely they will be able to detect a serious problem before it arises. 

With every oil change, Automobile Repair Shop San Diego includes an air filter inspection and checks on your vehicle’s vital fluids. If you’ve put some miles on your car, don’t put off an oil change. It can seriously damage your vehicle. 

Cheap Oil Change San Diego

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