What Does My Check Engine Light Mean?

Never Ignore These Warning Lights on Your San Diego Car

If you ever see any of these warning light indicators, you should take your car into a local auto mechanic in San Diego immediately to have your vehicle inspected. 

Oil Pressure Warning Light

When the oil pressure warning light comes on, it indicates that your engine has lost oil pressure or the oil pressure is too low for the vehicle to operate safely. If this light comes on, you should pull over to the side of the roadway, shut off the engine, and check the oil level. 

If your engine is ticking or clattering, it is not getting enough oil, and if you try to drive your car in this condition, you will likely damage it — if it has not already been seriously damaged. 

Temperature Warning Light

Never Ignore These Warning Lights on Your San Diego CarWhen the temperature warning light comes on, it is an indicator that your engine is overheating. You should not keep driving if your engine is overheating because it can result in potentially expensive engine repair. You should stop driving, pull over, and turn off your engine. Then, open the hood and check the radiator and heater hoses, radiator, and engine for any coolant leaks. 

Charging System Warning Light

Also known as the “GEN” or “ALT’ warning lot, usually shown as a battery icon, this warning light will come on if the charging voltage in your car is low. It does not mean that you have to come to a stop immediately, but you have only around 20 to 30 minutes before your battery will go completely dead and your engine will stop running. You may have even less time if you are driving with your headlights on during the evening hours. 

Brake Warning Light

When the brake warning light comes on, it is an indicator that the parking brake has not been fully released. It may also show that the brake fluid level is low or that there has been a loss of hydraulic pressure in one of your vehicle’s brake circuits. Loss of fluid or brake pressure usually means that the brakes are not able to stop your vehicle when you press the pedal. 

Low Tire Pressure Warning Light

When the low tire pressure warning light comes on, it is an indicator that your vehicle is 25% or more under-inflated. When you drive on a tire with low pressure, it very dangerous and can increase the risk of a tire blowout. A low tire can also result in uneven braking, uneven traction, rapid tire wear, increased rolling distance, and fuel consumption. 

Any and all issues with your vehicle should be inspected by a qualified mechanic in San Diego today at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego. 

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