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More Things Your Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to Know

We have already discussed certain things that your mechanic may not want you to know. However, the list goes on. We have compiled another list of vehicle information that your mechanic probably wouldn’t want you to know, because it means they will be losing out on some good money. 

Free Inspections Are Not Really Free

More Things Your Mechanic Doesn’t Want You to KnowYour local San Diego auto repair shop is offering free bumper-to-bumper inspections for cars, trucks, and any other kind of vehicle that comes into their garage that day. You may think that you should take advantage of it and stop by to have your car looked out; after all, why pass up something that is free? 

It is actually too good to be true. What the shop is really doing is providing an incentive for people to bring in their vehicles so that technicians can spot issues and then charge a fortune for repairs. 

We can guarantee you that you will never bring your vehicle in for a free inspection for a mechanic to just say that your car looks great and nothing needs to be done. In most cases, the mechanic will return to you with a long list of suggested repairs and upgrades. However, you do not have to fall for this scam. Bring your vehicle into a shop only when it needs repair. Avoid anything involving a repair shop that is supposedly “free.”

Lube Jobs Are Not Required

It seems that every street corner has a shop offering quick lube jobs. People can pull in with their vehicle and have their engine oil changed, their engine components lubricated, and the tires aired up in nearly 15 to 20 minutes. 

While it may seem amazing, it is actually a waste of money. The reason these types of places are starting to pop up all over is that they are cheap and easy ways for people to make money for unneeded services. 

We have already talked about when vehicles should really have their oil changed, and most people are able to put air in their tires on their own. 

This brings us to a lube job. Most vehicles neer need to have their engine parts lubricated. They are either already lubricated or do not require lubrication at all. When you pay for a lube job, you are just paying to have a young mechanic look around under your hood. You should save the money for something you actually need. 

Brake Pads Do Not Have to Be Replaced Until They Are 90% Worn

The mechanic may come out to meet you in the waiting room to tell you that the brake pads on your car are 50% worn and need to be changed. You agree and give him the approval to have the brake pads replaced. The only issue is that brake pads do not really need to be replaced until they are around 90% worn. A brake bad that is 50% worn is only halfway through its usable life. Keep your brake pads until they are at least 90% worn. The issue with brakes is that people see them as a safety concern and do not want to take the risk. 

Mechanics understand this and prey on this fear. You should trust your instinct. If there are any issues with your brakes, you will know it immediately and can have them checked out. You should keep your brake pads for as long as possible. It will save you money in the end. 

Rustproofing a Car Can Cause More Rust

If offered the choice, most drivers would avoid rust build-up on their vehicle. In the end, a rusting car looks a bit junky, but over time, some rust on a vehicle is inevitable, especially on older vehicles that are older than seven years. The issue is that there is no evidence that rustproofing can actually prevent rust build-up on your vehicle. This is because ice and road salt often stick to the rustproof coating that is sprayed underneath the vehicle. Rustproofing is popular in the northern United States and in Canada, but it offers no tangible benefit to your vehicle and usually ends up ensuring that a lot of unwanted ice and salt is trapped underneath the car, which can result in much more damage down the road. 

You Can Change Your Brake Pads on Your Own

As we have discussed previously, changing out brake pads is a big business for auto repair shops. This is largely due to the fact that replacing brake pads is fairly easy to do, and a lot of money can be charged for the repair. The truth is that changing brake pads is so easy that most people can do it on their own without the need for a mechanic. There are many websites and videos online that can show you how to do change your vehicle’s brake pads quickly, easily, and safely. Many people may shy away from doing any work on their car themselves out of fear that they will not do it right and perhaps even cause a safety concern. However, with this, there is no real reason to worry. People will know right away if they have not put their brake pads on correctly. In just a half-hour, people can change their brake pads themselves and save a lot of money in the process. However, only do this when the brake pads have reached the 90% worn mark. 

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