Maintenance Guide for High Mileage Vehicles in San Diego CA

Maintenance Guide for High Mileage Vehicles in San Diego CA

Back in the mid-2000s, the average age of a car in San Diego was over nine years, with nearly two-thirds having more than 75,000 miles on the odometer. These numbers are continuing to rise as more and more drivers are keeping their cars longer. 

This is partly due to the economy and the fact that modern vehicles are more reliable, meaning that having a high-mileage car doesn’t have to be a bad experience. 

Vehicle owners with more than 100,000 on their cars frequently ask about service intervals due to the specialized needs of older cars. 

High-Mileage Cars Have More Problems

It is true that time and mileage will start to take a toll. Sludge will build up in the engine and transmission, and the fuel, steering, and brake systems will experience their fair share of buildup. Contaminants and dirt will find their way into the fuel tank, as corrosion and deposits form in the cooling system. Seals and gaskets will surely dry out. 

This combined with normal wear and tear will result in an engine that is not as strong, meaning it will have to work twice as hard to get you where you’re going. 

You can compensate with specialized auto maintenance in San Diego. Things such as high-mileage oil formulations can help because they contain additives that condition your vehicle to prevent serious problems. They cost a bit more, but they are worth it if you have an older vehicle. 

Come Down to an Auto Repair Shop in San Diego 

Maintenance Guide for High Mileage Vehicles in San Diego CAYou can sit down with an auto mechanic in San Diego to discuss the condition of your engine and see if you should adjust your auto service intervals to account for an older engine. 

With a high-mileage car, the oil filter will become dirty faster. Certain leaks should be expected, so be sure to keep a lookout for proper fluid levels. 

Following the recommended service intervals for your car is even more crucial with a high-mileage vehicle. If you skip oil changes or other services, it can contribute to serious issues later on — and much more quickly than a newer car. 

Take your car down to Automobile Repair Shop San Diego to see how we can help with an assessment for your older car or truck. If you have not done a fuel system cleaning in a while or replaced your power steering system, it is time to start taking care of these concerns. It will help make sure your car can still on the road for as long as possible. 

Auto Maintenance San Diego

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