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Look Our for These Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump

If the fuel pump in your car, truck, or utility vehicle fails, it will cause a slew of problems. The pump usually does not go bad until your car has traveled at least 100,000 miles. Before the fuel pump completely fails, you may notice some consistent symptoms.


When you drive your car, the fuel pump motor can cause your engine to overheat. To keep its temperature low, the fuel pump motor draws liquid from the gas tank. The motor will overheat if the dying pump is unable to draw enough fuel from the tank. As a result, your engine will absorb the extra heat and overheat.

Hard Time Starting

If the fuel pump is not drawing enough fuel from the tank, it will be difficult to start your car, truck, or SUV. You might even end up with a dead engine that will not start at all. This problem can only be solved by replacing the fuel pump.

Low Fuel Pressure

Look Our for These Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump

If you check your fuel pressure and it is low, your fuel pump is most likely dead. The fuel pressure should always be within the manufacturer’s recommended range. Any reading below the minimum indicates a faulty fuel pump.

Worse Gas Mileage

If the fuel pump fails, your vehicle’s gas mileage will suffer as well. This is due to the engine’s inability to keep combustion going. The engine will burn through the fuel quickly if there isn’t enough in the chamber.

Sputtering at High Speeds

Your vehicle’s engine will sputter at high speeds, indicating that the combustion chamber is running low on fuel. The engine will sputter more as you accelerate. This indicates that the fuel pump is malfunctioning.

Loss of Power

Driving at high speeds is not the only way to put your engine under more strain. When you drive up hills or tow trailers behind your vehicle, it puts a strain on the engine. The fuel pump is most likely to blame if your engine loses power in these conditions.

Unexpected Engine Surging

Finally, the fuel pump has the potential to overfill the engine. The engine surges unexpectedly when this happens. To put it another way, it will pick up speed in spurts as you drive.

If any of the above signs of a bad fuel pump appear on your vehicle, contact an auto repair shop. Their auto mechanics can examine the pump and, if necessary, replace it.

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