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Keep Your Fuel Clean with a Fuel Filter Replacement in San Diego

The way your fuel filter works is fairly simple: it filters the fuel in your vehicle. It is located in between the fuel tank and the engine, and both gas and diesel cars utilize fuel filters. 

What Does the Fuel Filter Do?

In general terms, there is not that much dirt and grime in the fuel supply. However, there are contaminants that need to be filtered out. The issue of dirty fuel compounds as your car ages due to the fact that the dirt, rust, and other contaminants will start to settle at the bottom of the fuel tank. Even after having a car for just five years, a significant amount of dirt and build up in the tank. 

This basically means that the fuel filter has a tougher job the older your car becomes, and it will become clogged sooner and more frequently. This means you will need to change your fuel filter more often. 

One sign of a clogged fuel filter is a sputtering engine when traveling at highway speeds or when accelerating. This is because your engine has the fuel it needs when traveling around town, but when you need to hit higher speeds, not enough is able to get through the filter. If your car or truck doesn’t have enough power to get out of the way of an oncoming car, you can find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. 

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That is why fuel filters come with a bypass valve. When a filter is seriously clogged, fuel is able to bypass the filter entirely, meaning that dirty fuel is reaching the engine and being burned for power.

What Happens If I Don’t Change my Fuel Filter?

This dirt can wreak havoc on your engine and clog fuel injectors, which are not cheap to replace. You don’t want to risk damaging an important engine component just because you wanted to save a few dollars by forgoing a fuel filter replacement in San Diego CA. 

The fuel filter is a key factor in preventative auto maintenance in San Diego. It is a small component that is easy and cheap to fix, but if it is ignored too long, it can leave you with a repair bill costing thousands of dollars. 

Your vehicle manufacturer provides auto service schedules for a reason. If you are unsure of when you need a certain service or repair, just take your car to a nearby auto repair shop in San Diego to discuss it with a qualified auto technician. 

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