Keep Your Engine in San Diego CA Cool This Summer

Keep Your Engine in San Diego CA Cool This Summer

The only thing keeping your engine from overheating while you’re out on the roads of San Diego CA is the cooling system, and its job is to transfer heat away from the engine. There are many interlinking components of the system that work together to accomplish this, and these must be checked during auto maintenance in San Diego to prevent failure. 

Parts of the Cooling System

The part that most people associate with the cooling system is the radiator. The coolant travels through the radiator, which is equipped with a cooling fan to draw the heat out of the coolant and into the air. To ensure that there is ample airflow above the radiator, a fan draws air to the cooling fans, even if the vehicle is idling. 

In certain types of cars, the serpentine belt powers the fan, while in others, it is run by an electric motor. Electric fans will turn on and off as required. You have likely heard the fan turn on quickly after turning off your vehicle. This is due to the sensor determining that the engine needs assistance cooling to an optimal temperature. 

Keep Your Engine in San Diego CA Cool This Summer

The water pump is connected to the radiator by a hose, and the pump channels water into the block of the engine. At this point, the cylinder heads and engine block contain passages that allow coolant to pass through without entering the combustion or oil chamber. These passages are more commonly called the water jacket. 

As the coolant passes through the water jacket, it takes in heat from the engine while traveling to cool the radiator. There is a component called the thermostat between the radiator and engine, and its role is to regulate the engine’s temperatures, just like a thermostat in your home regulates the temperatures. It helps the engine reach the correct temperatures and prevents overheating.

When the engine first starts up, it is still cold. At this point, the thermostat blocks the coolant from flowing to the radiator. The thermostat begins to allow the coolant into the system as the engine starts to warm. 

The last part to discuss is the overflow reservoir, which is a bottle designed to hold some of the coolant. A mark on the bottle will indicate whether or not there is enough coolant in the system. If you need to top off the reservoir, this is where you would add the coolant. 

Why You Need to Check Your Cooling System

In cars in the San Diego CA area, cooling system failure is one of the leading causes of mechanical failure. A local auto repair shop in San Diego can perform routine inspections of these components for loose connections, leaks, and weak hoses. 

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