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Inspect your Shocks and Struts at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego

Maintenance for your car’s shocks and struts is often overlooked for more common repairs or services, like an oil change. These components last for a long time, making them easy to forget. However, your shocks are key in keeping your tires on the road. 

Without shocks, every bump or corner would cause your tires to bounce or jump. The shocks essentially push down on the tire in order to increase traction, and quality shocks can improve your vehicle’s ride and handling. 

An auto technician at a quality auto repair shop in San Diego can help you determine if you need a new set of shocks for your car. 

What Do Shocks and Struts Do? 

Inspect your Shocks and Struts at Automobile Repair Shop San DiegoShocks and springs are not one and the same. Springs brace the weight of the car by keeping it suspended, while the shocks control the rebound motion as wheels make contact with bumps on the road. A strut is a combination of a shock and a coil spring. 

A worn shock will lead to poor handling, which you will probably notice while cruising around San Diego CA. Your car will drive in an odd manner when rounding corners or going over slight bumps. 

The rear of the vehicle may sag as you accelerate, or the front end may dive when you brake. With bad shocks, even making a turn can cause your car to lean. 

If your tires wear unevenly, it may be a symptom of bad shocks. Leaking or dented shocks will also need to be changed. 

When to Change Your Shocks in San Diego CA

Your owner’s manual will provide a recommended service interval to replace the shocks and struts, but it is usually every thirty to fifty thousand miles. Certain activities such as towing or carrying heavy loads can lead to premature shock wear. 

If you frequently engage in these kinds of activities, you should install special shocks that are suited for your style of driving. 

Factory shocks are intended for general driving for a given vehicle. If you have unique needs for your vehicle, you should consider premium shocks that can help improve your performance and handling. A qualified auto mechanic in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego can help you determine if you need specialty shocks for your car. 

It is best to replace all four shocks simultaneously so that you can have uniform handling when making a turn. You don’t want to put you or your passengers in a potentially dangerous situation. 

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