The Importance of a Vehicle Alignment in San Diego CA

Increase Braking Power with Brake Service in San Diego

Every driver’s auto maintenance in San Diego should include a regular brake inspection. Your brake system will be inspected at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, and any issues will be identified and repaired. 

Signs That You Need Brake Service

If your brakes aren’t working properly, bring your car to an auto repair shop in San Diego immediately for brake servicing. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • Low or squishy brake pedal
  • Delayed brake pedal
  • A pervasive brake warning light
  • Brakes that are always screaming or grinding
  • Vibrations or clunking sounds when the brakes are applied

If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s time to have your brakes examined.

Disk and Drum Brakes

Disk and drum brakes are the two types of brakes. The rotor of a disk brake is linked to the axle. Calipers are similar to bicycle brakes in that they straddle the rotor.

Back wheels are more likely to use drum brakes. Both types of brakes have pads or shoes that push against the brakes and cause the car to slow down. To survive the heat and energy created when slowing your car, brake pads and shoes are made of extremely durable material. They begin to wear out and become too thin with time, needing replacement.

The rotors can be damaged if the brake pads wear out completely. The calipers have the ability to grind grooves into the rotor. After that, the rotor must be resurfaced or replaced. This is not only costly, but it is also unsafe because your vehicle will not be able to stop as efficiently. Rotors can distort or crack with time and need to be replaced.

Other Factors in San Diego Brake Service

San Diego CA Wheel Balancing and Tire RotationHydroplaningYour brake fluid will be checked as part of your brake service in San Diego.  When you apply the brakes, the fluid pressure activates the brake pads or shoes. When there isn’t enough fluid, there isn’t enough pressure to adequately brake. Water accumulates in the brake fluid with time, causing corrosion, leaks, and brake damage, and heavy use can cause the brakes to fade or fail completely. To avoid these issues, replace the brake fluid when your manufacturer advises it.

Brake pads come in three grades: good, better, and best. Higher grades are more expensive, but they provide superior braking performance and a smoother ride. It’s quite acceptable to upgrade your brake pads. However, never use a lower grade than the manufacturer suggests.

Brake Repair San Diego

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