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Improve Performance with Fuel System Cleaning in San Diego CA

Fuel injection systems are a component of all modern cars. Within the past 30 years, all new cars and trucks come with fuel injection systems. 

What Is the Fuel Injector? 

The Fuel injector is a valve with the purpose of transporting gas or fuel where it needs to go, in the right portion, at an exact time. This fuel is then combined with air and burned to power the engine.  

Your car has one fuel injector per cylinder. That means most vehicles come with four to eight fuel injectors, while some cars may have as many as ten or twelve. As the engine control computer monitors the engine and other sensors, adjustments are made to the fuel injectors. 

At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, our team of auto mechanics in San Diego can assist you with a fuel injector cleaning service. 

The Benefit of a Fuel Injector Cleaning Service in San Diego

Fuel injectors have to distribute fuel at an exact pressure at a precise time in order to function properly. The design of the engine will determine the particular spray pattern. 

The buildup will start to clog the fuel injectors over time, and this impacts the pressure, pattern, and timing of fuel delivery, resulting in impaired performance and wasted fuel. 

Improve Performance with Fuel System Cleaning in San Diego CA

How Dirty Fuel Affects Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors are the final destination of your car’s fuel system, which begins at the fuel tank. Using high-quality fuel is the best way to ensure your fuel injectors are working in optimal condition. While bargain shopping can be tempting, the major brands contain enhanced additives and detergents that provide dependable quality. 

Fuel Injectors and the Fuel Filter

The next stop in the fuel system is the fuel filter, which filters out the dirt and grime gathering in the fuel tank. A clogged filter will allow dirt to enter the fuel injectors. 

A fuel filter replacement is recommended, particularly if it is suggested by the vehicle manufacturer. It is a key part of a quality fuel system cleaning in San Diego CA. 

There are a variety of fuel injection systems, including port fuel injection systems, which are the most common type. The injectors for newer engines require almost 30 times greater pressure, while certain diesel engines have injectors needing nearly 30,000 pounds per square inch. In a system like that, there is no room for dirt and buildup. Your local auto repair shop in San Diego can help make sure you get the most out of your car. 

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