If My Catalytic Converter is Stolen, Will I Fail My Smog Check?

If My Catalytic Converter is Stolen, Will I Fail My Smog Check?

A qualified auto mechanic may advise that a stolen catalytic converter will cause your car to fail the smog test. This is because it is no longer treating the exhaust. As a result, the number of harmful hydrocarbons in the exhaust will significantly increase. If your catalytic converter is stolen, the first thing you should do is call the police. The next step is to contact your insurance provider. After you’ve completed both of these steps, give us a call so we can replace the converter. The following are indicators that your vehicle no longer has a catalytic converter underneath it.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light will come on when you start the engine after the converter has been ripped off. A missing catalytic converter can result in a slew of issues, and these problems can cause the system sensors to send a barrage of error codes to the main computer chip. When the chip is unable to resolve the issues, the check engine light will turn on.

Loud Engine

Even more, your engine will be loud and roaring. You might believe you don’t have a muffler any longer. By absorbing the force with which the engine releases exhaust into it, the catalytic converter helps to reduce engine noise. You will hear this in full force if the converter is not present, and when you accelerate, your engine will become even louder.

Issues with Accelerating

Unfortunately, accelerating will cause problems as well. Because the catalytic converter is missing, your acceleration will sputter. The same reason your engine is so loud is the reason your acceleration is sputtering. The acceleration will jerk each time due to the force of the exhaust being released from the engine.

Lagging When Moving Slow

If My Catalytic Converter is Stolen, Will I Fail My Smog Check?As if the problems listed above weren’t enough, you may also have difficulty driving your car at slower speeds. When your engine produces low-end torque, a missing catalytic converter causes a problem. When you drive at low speeds, the engine produces this amount of power. Your high-end torque will not be affected by this problem. 

Feeling Uneasy in the Car

If the catalytic converter fails, you and your vehicle are affected. You have an excess of hydrocarbons in your vehicle’s exhaust, as we mentioned in the introduction to this blog post. This means you may be inhaling carbon monoxide and other harmful emissions while driving your car. This can make you sick.

Auto Maintenance in San Diego

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