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How to Tell If Your Mechanic Is Deceiving You

Understanding when someone is trying to help you and when they are acting in the best interests of the repair shop can be important when you are trying to save money that does not need to be spent. This article will offer some tips on how to gauge if you are being lied to by your mechanic. 

Learn How Your Car Works

We are not saying that you need to go to auto repair school. However, have you ever even read your owner’s manual? If you have not, that would be a fantastic place to start. The more you know, the less likely you will be fooled into spending more when you go into the shop. Knowing where your engine and air filters are — or even just how long a new set of tires will last — can greatly aid you when you are dealing with a vehicle mechanic. The internet is a priceless tool when researching certain issues with your car. A vehicle is a difficult thing to fix on your own, but having some information available can help you better navigate a conversation with your technician. 

Learn the Tactics Mechanics Use to Get You to Spend More

There are some pretty common practices and tactics used by mechanics to ensure that you spend more money than you need to. Although it may be sexist, mechanics are known to be more deceptive towards women about the price of vehicle repairs, but men can just as easily become a victim. When you need air filter changes, tire rotations, oil changes, or general maintenance, you should be aware of these practices. 

Are They Wasting Time So You Will Spend More?

Some technicians will charge you for more time than the repair really takes. A good way to safeguard against this is to know beforehand how long your repair should take. 

A quick Google search or a conversation with a knowledgeable friend can help you save a lot of cash when going in for a vehicle repair or just routine maintenance at your San Diego auto repair shop

Some Mechanics Will Deceive You About Work They Have Not Done

In a similar vein to charing you for extra hours, you can also be charged for work that did not even happen. This tactic can significantly hurt your pocket, especially when you need to pay for needed repairs later on. 

How can a technician really get away with something like that? There are air filters that are hard enough to get to that you can not ever be able to notice the difference when looking under the hood. A technician can simply tell you that work has been done at the repair shop, knowing good and well that you will not be able to check to see if anything was changed. 

If you or one of the many drivers who know little about vehicle repairs, tricks like these are easier to pull off. 

Beware the Wallet Flush

It is yet again time for your routine oil change. Before you know it, the technician is upselling you power steering flushes, coolant flushes, and any other kind of flush that you may not even know their purpose. 

They may claim that you need it for this reason or that, but in the end, they are just looking for an upsell or a little more commission. Auto repair shops are looking to profit, but you should not let yourself become another cash cow just because you have little maintenance knowledge. Always understand what you are paying for and what it does before you choose to buy. It is a simple trick that can save you some money. 

They Could be Using the Check Engine Light to Run Up the Bill

Your engine light will light up at some point. It is a typical issue and can show that there are some serious issues with your car. If the check engine light comes on, you should schedule an appointment with your mechanic. However, there may just be a problem with the light itself. If you have a trustworthy technician, they will check and fix the issue that is causing your check engine light to go off without having to charge you a ridiculous amount, given that the issue is not too serious. 

The best way to know if your mechanic has lied to you in this scenario is to work with a San Diego auto mechanic that you have created a relationship with and trust with your car and your wallet. If you do not have a regular shop or mechanic you can ask around to see who your friends or family go to and trust. You can take your car there for a minor need, such as an oil change, and see if you can create a rapport with them before your car needs major repairs.  

Create a Gameplan

How to Tell Whether Your Mechanic Is Lying to YouBefore you go in for vehicle repair, you should do your homework. Make it your goal to investigate any vehicle issue you are experiencing so that you are not lost when discussing it with your mechanic. 

Pay attention to all the symptoms. If your auto repair shop seems to be using certain shady symptoms, you should just trust your gut and move on. Keep in mind that some mechanics will charge you for work that the did not perform, the time it spent to do the “work,” or the parts needed for repairs. 

If you have some questions about your auto repair shop’s decisions, feel free to ask for a second opinion. San Diego automobile repair shop offers free second opinions if you feel one is needed.  

Learn how to negotiate and stand up for yourself. Do not hesitate to ask questions, especially if the mechanic is planning on buying a part. You can also request to keep or view any parts that they remove from your car so you can see the damage. 

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