How to Tell If Your AC Needs a Recharge

How to Tell If Your AC Needs a Recharge

Even though summer is over, your car’s air conditioning is still necessary to keep your car cabin cool on hotter days. The temperature inside your vehicle can feel like an oven if your air conditioning system is not working properly. A sluggish air conditioner does not always mean it needs to be replaced. Actually, it could be a simpler fix than you think. An air conditioning recharge is a little-known gem that can give your air conditioner a boost. You should want nothing more than for you to be able to cruise through the coming months in comfort, and that starts with proper auto maintenance for your cooling system.

Low Coolant Levels

It may be time for an A/C recharge if the air blowing from your car vents feels as hot as the air outside. Coolant is used by the air conditioning system to lower the temperature of the air. The addition of additional refrigerants to the A/C system to help chill the ventilated air is referred to as an A/C recharge service. It also lowers the temperature in the cabin. While adding a little coolant may appear to be a simple task, it is one that should not be overlooked. 

How to Tell If Your AC Needs a Recharge

Will a squirt of extra coolant bring a winter storm to your car’s interior? No, it isn’t going to happen. The coolant in your vehicle is kept safe in an airtight coolant system. If the coolant level is low, it could mean there is a leak.

Go to an Auto Repair Shop Today

Before giving you a recharge, an auto technician will inspect your vehicle for any leaks. A qualified auto repair shop can give you the assurance that your A/C recharge is not a band-aid solution or a repair bill waiting to happen. A regular Joe can pick up a jug of refrigerant and start pouring, but it is possible to overfill. Automotive industry experts can ensure that the correct amount of coolant is added to avoid overfilling and damaging your vehicle’s compressor. With the right service, a damaged compressor can be easily avoided.

Never put off necessary auto maintenance or repair if you can help it. You need to make sure that you and your passengers stay safe on the road, and that starts and ends with proper vehicle maintenance. Your car is an investment, and you want to make sure that it retains its value, and that involves ensuring that it stays in tip-top shape with proper auto maintenance at a qualified auto repair shop. 

Auto AC Repair in La Mesa

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