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How to Repair Damage to Your Car’s Frame

You should consider yourself fortunate if you have not been in an auto accident. Statistics show that the average driver will be involved in a car accident roughly every 18 years. The anxiety of car damage is added to the anxiety of being in an accident. Car frame damage is one of the most serious types of damage that can occur to your vehicle. This is especially bad because frame damage leads to misalignment, which is not only dangerous but also expensive to fix.

Sagging Or Twisted Frame

Gaps in the body should be one of the first things you look for if your car’s frame is sagging. Because of uneven parts in the car frame’s construction, sections of the vehicle frequently lean in the direction of gaps. If left unattended, these gaps can cause the vehicle’s tires and coils to wear out faster over time.

The same type of damage can be caused by a twisted car frame. In most cars, however, twist damage is more difficult to detect. A thorough frame damage inspection is required to determine the source of the damage.

Frame straighteners are used by an experienced home mechanic or an auto body professional to repair sagging or twisted vehicle frames. Using a leverage process, this equipment does an excellent job of repairing minor frame damage.

Sway Damage

How to Repair Damage to Your Car’s FrameFor any driver, sway damage can be a real pain.

When your vehicle suffers from sway damage, it will lean in one direction. When compared to a twisted or sagging frame, this type of damage is easier to spot. It is not, however, the kind of damage you can afford to overlook. For starters, you will not be able to drive in a straight line with your vehicle. You will also be aware of the obvious vibrations while driving. The misalignment can also damage the transmission of the vehicle.

An auto body frame straightening machine is the best solution for frame damage repair.

Mashed Frame

When you are hit in the head or rear-ended, your mash frame is likely to be damaged. 

In other words, a portion of the unibody frame is shorter than the manufacturer’s specifications. Distortion or wrinkles in the hood, fenders, rails, or frame horns are common signs of this type of damage. Damage from a smashed frame can spread to other parts of the vehicle, causing a cascade of problems.

Mash damage can cause serious wear and tear on the rest of the vehicle if left unattended. If only one section of a modern car is damaged, the repair is straightforward. The frame’s damaged section can be replaced.

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