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How to Know If You Need a Re-Alignment for your Car

Is your vehicle drifting when you drive? Is the steering wheel not as responsive as it used to be? Does something just feel off about your car? Well, there may be a problem with the wheel alignment for your vehicle that needs to be addressed by a qualified auto mechanic in San Diego

Eliminate Other Tire Problems

How to Know If You Need a Re-Alignment for your CarAlong with improper alignment, tire problems are the primary causes of these types of symptoms, including drifting and unresponsive steering. The first step to identify if you have an alignment problem is to eliminate any other tire issues. Check the air pressure in all your tires because low tire pressure can result in similar issues. Lastly, check the wear on your tires because old tires may impact your steering. 

Inspect Your Parked Alignment

You should then visually inspect the alignment of your vehicle’s wheels. You just need a tape measure and a level. Your vehicle’s alignment is typically a bit “toe-in,” meaning each tire is angled slightly turned in. However, in some cases, tires can be angled a bit too much toward the center. 

Check the Tire Tread

Another clue to poor alignment is adverse wear on the tire tread that is more than the usual wear and tear. A vehicle that is aligned too much toe-in will have substantial wear on only the outside of the tire. Issues with the bearings, shocks, and steering gearbox can also result in substantial wear on the tires, contributing to alignment issues. 

The Road Test

After you have inspected the alignment and tire tread while parked, it is time to take your vehicle on the road. Find a smooth, flat stretch of road and drive with a loose grip on the wheel. This allows you to tell if the vehicle is pulling either way without steering. AS you drive, listen closely for any scraping, whining, or grinding noises because those could indicate an issue. Lastly, have someone follow you to see if the front and back wheels are going in the same direction. 

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Wheel Alignment San Diego

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