Why You Need to do Preventative Auto Maintenance in San Diego

How to Know If You Are Dealing with an Honest Mechanic

It Is Not Always Easy

As a consumer, you have to be willing to ask questions to their service provider, especially if they do not understand the recommendations that are being made. Mechanics have a tendency of getting a bit technical when explaining repairs, and a dishonest mechanic will not take the time to explain something in simpler terms. 

You should be wary of any mechanic is unable to clearly explain in simple terms why you need a repair. There is some good news, though. A consumer is not likely to encounter a dishonest mechanic. As a whole, mechanics try to be honest and noble. You are much more likely to encounter a mechanic who is unskilled, under-trained, or under-tooled than you are to encounter one that is dishonest. 

Regarding terms of fair prices for parts and services, the internet is a great resource for comparing prices. Sites like RepairPal can be useful tools. You just have to enter your vehicle and repair needed, and the site will provide a range of the pricing you should expect to do the job and even offer advice on the repair. 

Like Comparing Apples to Apples 

When you are researching mechanics online, make sure you are comparing the right parts. Basically, when doing online research, make sure you are comparing “apples to apples.” If there is a price difference in your quotes, then it is possible that there is a difference in the type of parts being quoted or work being performed. 

When determining whether a mechanic is well-skilled and reputable, state and national affiliations are more crucial than actual credentials. The more credentials displayed by a shop, the more they are trying to portray the worthiness of your business. 

You should be looking for state and national affiliations, like ASA, AAA, and BBB. These organizations have minimum requirements and a code of ethics that businesses must meet and consumers could use it as a research tool. Shops that operate under a “banner program,” like NAPA Autocare or Carquest Tech-Net, have similar requirements and codes to follow. You should always make sure your technician is ASA-certified. 

It Is Like Fiding a Good Physician

Searching for a good mechanic is a lot like looking for a good doctor. 

Many people may not consider it, but the process is very much like finding a physician for minor health care issues before it becomes a more severe problem. If the doctor does not seem to be fit, the patient will have to go find someone else who can provide the treatment they need.

These days, we often look at reviews. Consumers will pay a visit and see how the shop treats them, how their pricing lines up, and gauge the levels of confidence. Having memberships with professional associations is a good sign, and certifications like ASE, AMI, or others are a good measure of confidence and competence. 

Some signs that a mechanic may not be qualified is their inability to repair your car properly the first time. It is suggested that if you are regularly finding yourself taking your vehicle back for a “refix,” the mechanic you have isn’t the right fit. 

That does not mean just because your mechanic makes a mistake that you should look for a new one. We are all human and are capable of making mistakes. Good judgment has to be used to see if a change is what is best for you and your car. 

Do They Have the Right Tools for the Job?

When moving to a new town, looking for a good mechanic is something you will want to do at some point. When speaking to the repair professionals in your new area, you should ask if they are using tools that are specifically designed for your car. 

It is recommended that customers who are moving to a new town talk with a potential mechanic once they have moved to their new area to see how they are equipped to repair your vehicle from a tooling standpoint. 

If the shop is equipped with a manufacturer-specific scan tool, this shows a strong commitment to having the complete capability for your specific car model. The fewer manufacturers a shop works on, the more experience can be expected of them for those brands. This is usually a strong indicator of competence and can improve your chances of a successful repair visit and future relationship. 

Also, certifications are a great thing for mechanics to have, but consumers should not rely on these entirely or consider them as guarantees of competency. 

ASE certifications combined with other training certifications can help. However, no certification can guarantee complete competence of the shop or its mechanics. They are certainly indicators of someone who invests at least something into their skills and competency. 

Despite their true capability, most shops will claim that their mechanics are competent and well-trained and that they have state-of-the-art equipment. They will tell you that they can fix your vehicle, so it can be a tremendous task to actually find one who can. 

After you find a qualified mechanic, you should stick around, even if you can get a cheaper service at a nearby quickie lube. Your investment in a good local shop will pay off down the line because they will be there when you need them and you will already have an established trustworthy relationship. 

The following questions can help determine if an auto repair professional has done a good job: 

  • How were you treated or greeted when you called or stopped at the repair shop?
  • Did the repair shop review the repairs completed on your car in a way you understood?
  • Did they provide you a written warranty?
  • Was your car clean, both inside and out?
  • Did the repair shop call after you picked up your car to make sure you were completely satisfied and ask if you had any questions or concerns?

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