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How to Keep Your San Diego Tires in Good Condition

Ensure that Your Tires Are Properly Inflated

It is crucial to ensure that your tires are properly inflated. If they are under-inflated, they can create excess heat while driving, increasing the risk of a blowout, and making your tires more vulnerable to being punctured. If your San Diego tire wheel is under-inflated, they will experience excessive wear. The center tread will wear out more quickly than on tires with proper inflation, meaning that you will have to replace them earlier.

Over-inflation can be just as bad. If there is too much air in your tire, it can easily cause a blowout. The tread will also take on extra damage, causing it to wear more quickly. Some believe that overinflated tires are more likely to roll, increasing gas mileage, but while you may have increased fuel economy, the extra damage to your tires and increased risk of a blowout can counteract any benefits you may experience. 

Always Check Your Tire Inflation

How to Keep Your San Diego Tires in Good ConditionKeep in mind that you will not be able to tell if your tire is under-inflated or over-inflated just by looking at it. You will need to use a tire pressure gauge to adequately check the pressure. Remember that the air pumps you find at most gas stations are incorrectly calibrating, so they cannot be really trusted to provide a correct reading. You should also know what the correct pressure for your vehicle is. This information is usually available in your owner’s manual or on the door jamb on the driver’s side door. 

When Should I Check My Tires?

If you check your tire pressure after driving, you will not get a proper reading. When the air inside the tires is heated after a driver, it will expand. This will then increase the tire pressure and cause an incorrect reading. The most optimal time to check tire pressure is when the tire is cold or when it has been driven under a mile. 

Make Sure Your Wheels Are Aligned

Another problem that can damage your tires are wheels that are out of alignment. If you have new tires put on your car, you should have your wheel alignment checked and adjusted accordingly. This will ensure that the tire treads wear evenly. If you fail to do this, areas of your tire will become weaker over time and be more easily damaged. Tires must be rotated routinely by an auto mechanic in San Diego to prevent uneven tire wear. 

Tire Repair San Diego

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