What Does My Check Engine Light Mean?

How to Handle an Engine Service Light

We’ve probably all seen this light turn on at least once or twice in our lives. Either in our own car or in the vehicles of relatives and friends. Some people will even cover the light with a picture or scrap paper to give them a sense of comfort. 

Our auto repair shop in La Mesa understands that this may provide you with a momentary sense of calm. However, let’s go through what this light represents so you can fix the issue instead of just ignoring it. 

Typical Reasons for a Check Engine Light

How to Handle an Engine Service LightThe function of the service engine soon light is to notify the driver when the vehicle’s sensors have detected an issue. This light is frequently triggered by the emission control system. Sometimes, it can also be triggered by a variety of other factors. This light can be alarming, but all automobiles require maintenance. It does not imply your engine is damaged or that you should be concerned.

It’s recommended to pull over and examine the problem if the service engine soon light turns on while you’re driving. It may be an easy remedy in certain cases. It’s possible that you didn’t secure your gas cap after filling up, or that it’s missing. The emission control system frequently activates the sensor. The gasoline cap may easily activate the sensor if it isn’t properly sealed. That is a good place to start. It might also be as simple as a low fluid level in one of your body’s systems. Make sure your oil and coolant levels are correct. Low levels of one of these fluids might create serious issues with your engine and radiator.

The oxygen sensor, commonly known as the O2 sensor, is another typical cause of the service engine soon light to illuminate. The oxygen sensor keeps track of how unburned oxygen is released into the atmosphere. Ignoring a broken O2 sensor might lead to the destruction of your vehicle’s catalytic converter. This can result in even more damage and a hefty service cost with an auto mechanic in La Mesa

Stop by an Auto Repair Shop If the Light Is Flashing

Also, until the service engine soon light is blinking instead of solid, your car is not at immediate risk of major problems. That’s not to suggest you shouldn’t pay attention to the light. It might still be a problem. It simply means that you should be able to securely drive to your auto technician. If it’s flashing, it’s best to pull over, ask for help, and have your car towed in order to be repaired.

Auto Maintenance in La Mesa

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