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How to Diagnose Your Squealing Brakes

It is not necessary for your brakes to screech while driving. If they are, something is wrong. Squealing brakes might signal an issue that prevents your car, truck, or utility vehicle from stopping. That is why Automobile Repair Shop San Diego suggests that you have any braking troubles handled as soon as possible. 

Brake Indicators

Brake pads are often equipped with indicators that scream when the pad surface becomes too low. When the brake pads are too low, a dashboard warning light may come on. If you hear squealing while driving, it is possible that the noise is caused by low brake pad indicators.

Worn Brake Pads

Squeaky brakes might be caused by worn brake pads. Grinding is a more typical sound associated with a worn brake pad surface. However, this sound occurs when the brake pad surface has entirely worn away. If your brakes have started to scream when you use them and you haven’t changed the pads in a long time, it is possible that they have worn down to the point where they need to be replaced.

Defective Anti-Rattle Clips

How to Diagnose Your Squealing Brakes

Pad stays are the components that connect your brake pads to the calipers. Each brake pad has anti-rattle clips to keep it from rattling or vibrating when you step on the brake pedal. The pads may start to shake when the anti-rattle clips wear down. This causes squealing sounds when you use the brakes. The problem can be fixed by replacing the anti-rattle clips.

Lack of Pad Insulation

Insulation shims are used on the backside of your brake pads to protect them from the brake calipers. When your brake pads need to be replaced, these shims should be replaced as well. Your brakes will scream if new shims are not fitted. Instead of shims, a silicone insulation gel can be used to insulate the brake pads and avoid screeching.

Rotor Surface Problems

Glazing is caused by the continuous contact between your brake pads and the rotors. Glazing the rotors might cause them to warp and ruin their surface. When conducting a brake service, it is customary to resurface the rotors. Your brakes may scream if the rotors are not properly resurfaced by a quality auto repair shop in Del Mar

Overheating Brakes

Squealing brakes with a burning aroma signal that your brake pads and rotors have glazed excessively due to overheating. The burning odor has been compared to carpets by others. If your brake pads and rotors are glazed to the point of squealing or the braking fluid is boiling, you may also smell burning chemicals, which is the result of overheated brake fluid.

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Brake Repair in Del Mar

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