Tips to Improve Gas Mileage in San Diego CA

How Routine Car Service in San Diego Can Improve Fuel Economy

The price of gas is something that commonly comes up in the news. While there is little you can do about what you pay at the pump, there are ways to improve your car’s overall fuel economy to save the next time you gas up. 

Auto Maintenance and Fuel Efficiency

Maintaining proper tire inflation is the first thing you can do. Just doing this can save about two miles per gallon. When driving on underinflated tires, your engine has to work harder to travel the same distance. Many auto repair shops in San Diego will inflate your tires free of charge, so it never hurts to ask. You should get into the habit of checking tire pressure every time you get gas. Many gas stations in San Diego CA even provide a free air hose.

A clean air filter can also go a long way. When your air filter is clogged, clean air is unable to enter the system. A dirty filter can cost you nearly two miles per gallon, and worn spark plugs can cost you another two bucks, on top of that. On average, a spark plug fires almost 3 million times for every thousand miles. 

How Routine Car Service in San Diego Can Improve Fuel Economy

The oxygen sensor is an important component. It provides information to the computer to ensure the proper air-fuel ratio. When this is malfunctioning, you miss out on three miles per gallon. Low-quality oil can also impact fuel economy. 

Many vehicle owners don’t give much notice to their gas cap. A worn, loose, or missing gas cap can cost about two miles per gallon, on average, and when you consider all these potential mishaps, you may be missing out on 12 miles per gallon in reduced fuel economy. This can add up next time gas prices skyrocket, so it is important to keep up with your auto maintenance in San Diego.

Stay Up-to-Date with Car Service

You probably won’t need to have all these items serviced, but there may be some that you can do right now. Never put off needed tune-ups or maintenance, including: 

  • brake service
  • low transmission fluid
  • fuel system cleaning
  • vehicle alignment
  • PCV valve service
  • fuel filter replacement

At Automobile Repair Shop San Diego, we can help you create a working schedule for the service and maintenance that your vehicle needs. We want to make sure that you stay safe on the road and that your car is able to run longer. 

Auto Repair San Diego

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