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How Much Does It Cost to Change a Hybrid Car Battery?

A hybrid car’s range is usually limited to about 25 miles when propelled solely by an electric motor. As we can see, moving around in a hybrid vehicle necessitates more energy. It’ll need a powerful battery pack, to be more specific.

A hybrid car battery, unlike most others, must be able to fully discharge without damage and then recharge quickly. That’s a difficult set of demands to meet. A standard car battery can only activate a 12v system. However, a hybrid car battery can power a much larger system.

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The Price of Changing a Hybrid Battery

The price of a new hybrid battery might be as high as several hundred dollars. This is due to the fact that batteries used by automobile manufacturers are customized for each model. As a result, assigning a single value to all hybrid batteries is challenging.

In addition, the components that go into hybrid batteries vary from one to the next. Toyota, as an example, makes use of nickel-metal-hydride batteries. The use of sealed lead-acid batteries in other hybrids is another option. And Lithium-Ion batteries are now standard equipment on a large number of new cars.

To put it another way, the production costs for each of these batteries are different, therefore replacing them costs a different amount.

How Much Does It Cost to Change a Hybrid Car Battery?

That being said, you could expect to pay somewhere between $1,000 and over $6,000 for a new hybrid battery. There will also be charges for conditioning and testing the battery, on top of the price of the battery itself. These battery replacement parts can cost up to $1,500.

Don’t forget about the cost of labor as well. The price of labor to replace a hybrid battery is often in the $1,000 range. The cost of labor to replace the battery might sometimes be greater than the cost of the replacement battery.

Labor Costs for Changing a Hybrid Car Battery 

The process of replacing the battery in a hybrid car differs from that of a conventional car. Mechanics must be well-trained and utilize specific equipment. A hybrid battery needs to be replaced more frequently, which adds time to the overall cost.

Replacing the battery in the Prius C, for instance, can take up to three hours. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid’s battery replacement might take up to 6 hours. It’s clear to see how tough it will be to estimate your hybrid’s labor costs after comparing the costs of changing batteries on two different Toyota hybrids. 

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Hybrid Car Repair in Encinitas

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