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How Much Does a San Diego Alternator Repair Cost?

The alternator is the part of the engine that transfers mechanical energy into electrical energy in order to recharge the battery. The alternator is hooked up to the engine and powered by a timing chain or belt. While the engine is running, it spins the alternator in order to produce an electrical charge. If you feel your alternator is going bad, you should take your car into an auto mechanic in San Diego

Signs of a Bad Alternator

Alternators often stop working with little warning. This means that your car will be left unable to recharge the battery, causing failure to start or cause the engine to stop working entirely. However, there are some signs that the alternator is reaching the end. 

The first sign is the change in the intensity of your headlights, going from dim to bright due to the failing alternator causing variations in voltage. Secondly, the smell of burning plastic can indicate burned alternator wires or internals. When you notice these signs, your alternator is probably done. 

New, Used, or Refurbished?

How Much Does a San Diego Alternator Repair Cost?When changing the alternator, most owners of common, domestic cars have to choose if they use a new, used, or refurbished part. We will look into the primary differences between them

A new part is the best choice but also the most expensive. However, it also comes with a warranty, meaning that you will be covered for a longer period of time.

Used alternators are the cheapest option, but it is not a great idea because they can also fail at any time, bringing you back to where you started. 

The refurbished parts are a decent choice because the alternator is a relatively easy part and lots of shops can easily refurbish it, replacing internals with brand new or repaired ones. In most cases, reconditioned alternators come with a one-year warranty. 

Pricing & Labor

As we have discussed previously, prices of replaced alternators can range from $200 to $600 for parts and labor depending on the kind of vehicle, brand, and model year. Older vehicles are cheaper and simpler to work on, impacting the cost of labor. However, newer models are more costly and some brands require specialized tools in order to reach the part. In most cases, replacing the alternator San Diego is not that complicated and can be completed on your own with standard tools in your garage. 

Alternator Repair San Diego

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