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How Flat Tire Repairs in San Diego Really Work

San Diego Tire Repair

Your auto mechanic in San Diego will use one of three essential ways to repair a tire.

For the first option, plugs are used to repair holes in the tire tread, usually in the same size and shape as the puncture. This will seal leaks from the outside of the tire, but it may be unable to seal the inside or inner lining of the tire. This is often a preferred method because it is quick, simple, and does not cost much. 

The second option is when the seals are used on the inside of the tire, meaning the whole tire must be taken off. However, seals are usually more effective than using a plug, but they are unable to repair the tread or outside of the tire, which can allow water to leak in and break the seal. Seals are usually more effective and will last longer than a plug. 

Plug and seal options are basically a combination of the two methods described above. The tire is removed from the wheel and a plug with a seal attached is pushed into the tread. Then, a sealant is used to keep the rubber plug and seal in place

How Does a Repair Affect The Tire?

How Flat Tire Repairs in San Diego Really WorkAfter the damage has been done, it is no longer going to have the same high-speed capability as it did before. This does not mean the tire is unsafe, but it means there could be issues at high speeds. Repairs that have not been performed correctly could cause many potential problems. The tire could leak air, water could damage the inside of the tire, or the tire could be unsafe in extreme cases. 

When Can a Tire Not Be Repaired?

Tires may have damaged to the sides or outer rims of the read and cannot be repaired. As a good rule of thumb, if any damage is within one-fourth inch from the edge of the tire, it cannot be repaired. This rule can also be applied to the size of the puncture. Any hole that is larger than this is unable to be repaired properly. Belted radial or steel tires that are not repaired immediately after the puncture may deteriorate until it cannot be prepared. If the tread on the tire is too thin, a replacement tire would be advised instead of a repair. Retreads, where the puncture occurred, is not recommended. If you have any questions, take your car to a qualified auto mechanic in San Diego today at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego. 

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