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How Does the Check Engine Light Function?

A flashing check engine light is no laughing matter, and it means you need to bring your car into an auto repair shop in San Diego immediately. If it stops flashing, you have some time to find out the problem and have your car checked out. How does the check engine light work, anyway? 

Check Engine Lights Indicate a Symptom

The control computer in the engine functions as a brain and is able to make adjustments like altering the air to fuel ratio. The computer depends on multiple sensors in order to obtain the information needed to fix a problem. 

When readings are out of the normal range, the computer will log a trouble code, illuminating the check engine light. At this point, the computer will make whatever adjustments possible. If the problem can’t be fixed, the light remains on. 

The trouble code will be logged in the computer, and an auto mechanic in San Diego can use this code to determine the issue. 

The code informs the technician which sensor is off, but it doesn’t exactly specify the problem.

For reference, imagine that you are feeling unwell. You use a thermometer to find out you have a fever of 102 degrees. This is a symptom of your condition, but you aren’t really sure what’s the cause. This is similar to how a check engine light operates. 

How Does the Check Engine Light Function?

Diagnosing the Check Engine Light

Just like when you have a fever, more details are necessary than a single sensor reading. However, this can provide a starting point to diagnose the larger problem. 

If you look online, it says you can just go to a local auto parts store in San Diego CA, and have them read the code, or you can do it yourself with a cheap scan tool. However, these options can only do so much. 

These codes are stored in the computer’s short-term or long-term memory, and these codes include more generic trouble codes as well as brand-specific codes. 

With a cheap scan tool available at an auto parts store, you lack the ability to retrieve codes stored in the long-term memory. Automobile Repair Shop San Diego has invested in high-quality scan tools and software that can do a deep dive and retrieve critical information from your engine’s computer. Once you get this information, what do you do with it? You need a qualified auto technician in San Diego CA to diagnose any engine problems. 

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