How Do I Turn Off Service Lights For My San Diego Car?

How Do I Turn Off Service Lights For My San Diego Car?

Most vehicles these days have lights for almost everything to alert you of serious issues your car may be having. These lights are channeled through sophisticated computer systems. When you first get a new vehicle, it is usually under warranty, and the dealer turns off the reminders when you go in for service. As your vehicle starts to age, you may choose to postpone scheduled service or maintenance, or you may choose to do work in your own garage. However, in these cases, how will you turn off those service lights?

Check Your Owner’s Manual

How Do I Turn Off Service Lights For My San Diego Car?Firstly, consult with your car’s owner’s manual to ensure that you are not doing any damage by turning off the service reminder light without performing required maintenance. These lights are there for a reason. Some cars have an oil change reminder light, and this is a common piece of auto maintenance in San Diego that many people do in their own driveways. Other vehicles have a service light that comes on at a certain mileage that reminds the owner to take care of these big service intervals. Most vehicles have other service lights that alert you to high coolant temperature, high or low oil pressure, engine problems, and other issues with your car. 

If you want to turn off a service light for a simple procedure that you have done on your own, like an oil change, you should look at your manual for the instructions to turn off the light. Onboard computers are becoming more sophisticated with each day, and there are many more options available to a typical car owner in San Diego without using additional tools. In some cases, turning off a light can be as easy as cycling through some menu screens or hitting a button to reset a mileage tracker. 

Contact an Auto Mechanic San Diego

In other cases, however, turning off service lights is much complicated and requires the use of a code scanner and a cable that connects to your onboard computer. Certain auto mechanics in San Diego choose to use their own scanners, and the scanner will provide instructions for disabling the reminder lights. If you do not own a scanner and need to turn off service lights, contact Automobile Repair Shop San Diego today. Our team of auto technicians is more than happy to help you out and get your car back on the road. 

Auto Repair San Diego

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