What Does My Check Engine Light Mean?

Guide to Your Car’s Dashboard Lights and What They Mean

Dashboard lights are meant to keep you informed about what’s going on inside your vehicle and any issues that may come up. However, with so many different types of dashboard lights and symbols that do not really mean what you think, it is difficult to really understand what each one means. For that reason, the qualified team of auto mechanics in San Diego at Automobile Repair Shop San Diego has created this guide to your car’s dashboard lights and what they mean to your auto maintenance schedule

Urgent Dashboard Lights

These dashboard lights are the ones you really need to look out for. They will usually be red and indicate a potentially severe problem, safety issues, or crucial reminders. When you see one of these lights illuminate on your dash, do not take any chances. Stop by an authorized auto repair shop in San Diego. These urgent dashboard lights include: 

  • Brake Warning Indicators. If your parking brake is off and this light comes on, it often means that your brake fluid level is low, there is a problem in the ABS system, or there is an issue with the hydraulic pressure. 
  • Engine Temperature Indicators. When this light comes on in red, it just means that your engine is overheating, most likely because of low coolant levels. 
  • Oil Pressure Indicator. This light means that either your oil pressure sensor has failed or you have low oil pressure. This can be due to a leak or burning oil. 
  • Battery Indicator. This light will illuminate when there is an issue with your car’s electrical system. 

Less Severe Dashboard Lights

Guide to Your Car’s Dashboard Lights and What They MeanThese lights will not put your vehicle in any immediate danger, but you should still take them seriously because they may indicate that something needs to be serviced or replaced. These lights are usually orange or yellow. If it is flashing, you should contact your dealer or repair shop immediately. These less severe dashboard lights include: 

  • Check Engine Indicator. This light means something is wrong with the engine, and it can range from anything from a loose gas cap to a serious problem.
  • Low Tire Pressure Indicators. When this light comes on, it means there is low pressure in one of your tires. This can be fixed by simply adding air to the tires. 
  • Airbag Warning Indicator. This light indicates that there is an issue with the deployment of one or more of your airbags. It does not pose an immediate risk, but it can pose a significant problem in the event of a collision. 

Auto Maintenance San Diego

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